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Belgium Tibetans hang Tibetan National Flag in Chinese Embassy

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16 March, 2008: At 9 am, ten Tibetans managed to get inside the Chinese Embassy. Raising anti-China slogans they wrote FREE TIBET on the walls of the Chinese Embassy. Five of them were arrested and one was injured as he fell down while hanging the Tibetan National Flag.

Following this there was a demonstration in front of the High Court “Justice Palace” in Brussels at 11 am till 12:45 pm. Around 300 Tibetans and westerners gathered with Belgium MP and Friends of Tibet members to show their support for the Tibetan cause. A five minute silence was observed to pay homage to the Tibetans who sacrificed their lives for the Tibetan cause.

The demonstrators then started slogans for FREE TIBET, NO OLYMPICS IN

CHINA UNTIL TIBET IS FREE, among others. Many foreigners joined the protest showing their support and encouragement.

After the demonstration around 150 Tibetans went to the Chinese Embassy and demonstrated for nearly 3 hours. Arriving at the embassy the Tibetans went directly to the main gate. Breaking it open, two Tibetans went inside and pulled down the Chinese National Flag. The Tibetan National Flag was unfurled in its place in front of the Embassy ground.

Almost 40 policemen arrived soon after with police dogs. Five people were arrested at the moment and many were injured by the police dogs. The police then ordered the Tibetan protestors to quit the place after 4:30 pm but the Tibetans continued the demonstration till 5pm and demanded the release of the Tibetans who were arrested.

The police conceded to the demand and promised to release the Tibetans but only after the protestors left the Chinese Embassy ground. Complying with the request of the police the protestors left. However, two Tibetans staying on unknowingly staged a 24 hour hunger strike. The arrested Tibetans were later released.

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