Semshook : Lathi Charge and Dal-Roti

We were ready to jump, all 48 of us “mostly young Tibetans, some elders too” ready to pounce at the Chinese Embassy in Delhi. We waited with baited breath, lying low, communicating in signals and whispers on mobile phones.

Italian Parliament Resolves to Stop Tulku’s Execution

The Italian parliament recently passed a resolution on Tibet calling for the rescinding of Tenzin Delek Rimpoche’s execution and starting a new fair trial. The resolution 8-00073 was passed unanimously by the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Italian parliament.

Problems with Education in Tibet under Scrutiny at UN

The high level of illiteracy in Tibet came under the spotlight at the UNCHR again today with a special briefing on “Education in China and Tibet” being hosted by the International Fellowship for Reconciliation.

Auction will help fund monk’s school

A group of Mainers is reaching out to help Tibetan Buddhists preserve their culture and traditions. The Mainers are coming together because of Geshe Lobzang Tsetan, a Buddhist monk who spends about a month in Maine each year teaching classes in Buddhism.