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Candlelights For Peace

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Wrapped in a crimson robe, his smooth face glowing from a candle, the venerable Tenzin Gephel and three other Tibetan monks led a crowd of about 250 on a peace walk through the University of Connecticut campus Thursday night.

“I think we have to try to do our best to do whatever we can do to promote peace in the world,” Gephel said as he quietly walked past Mirror Lake and some noisy ducks.

The Community Candlelight Walk and Vigil for Peace and Tolerance was organized by the university’s Benton Museum of Art, where the monks are creating a peace mandala, which is part of an exhibit called Rupture & Healing. The exhibit also includes a collection of 100 photographs from Sept. 11 and a photo-based artwork called the Mourning Wall.

Despite acold drizzle, the walk attracted scores of students and residents from around the region, many from the Northeast Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice.

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