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Six Tibetans sentenced up to 14 years for threatening ‘state security’

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Six noted Tibetans sentenced up to 14 years in jail- Samdup, Tsering Dolma, Gangye Drubpa Kyab, Gangbu Yudrum, Pema Rinchen and Sey Nam (Photo/RFA)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Oct. 20: The Chinese government has arbitrarily sentenced six Tibetan intellectuals and activists, to prison terms ranging from four years to fourteen years, on vague charges of “inciting separatism” and “endangering state security”, according to several media reports. Former political prisoner Golog Jigme told RFA that the whole trial was conducted in secrecy, “Because of tight restrictions and constant scrutiny inside Tibet, it is very difficult now to learn more detailed information about their current health conditions or where they are being held.”

Writer and former schoolteacher Gangkye Drubpa Kyab has been given the harshest 14-year prison sentence; writer and environmental activist Sey Nam has been given a 6-year term; Gangbu Yudrum, a political activist is serving a 7-year term; former political prisoner Tsering Dolma has eight years and writer Pema Rinchen has been given four years of sentence; Samdup has been sentenced to 8-year term.

Previous reports in April 2021 stated that authorities detained six noted Tibetans in Kardze Autonomous Prefecture in Tibet. At the time, Sey Nam, Tsering Dolma, Gangkye Drubpa Kyab, and Gangbu Yudrum were the four identified Tibetans who were detained. Samdup and Pema Rinchen were the two unidentified detainees who are now identified to be sentenced by the Kardze’s People’s Court. The group was sentenced in September after being held incommunicado for almost one and half years following their arrests.

According to the information available, writer Sey Nam was taken into custody on April 2, last year in Kardze’s Serthar County. Former political prisoner Tsering Dolma was also detained on the same day; she had been arrested twice before in 2008 and 2012 for participating in protests against Chinese policies and rule in Tibetan areas. Gangkye Drubpa Kyab, also known as Gangme Thak, was arrested in Sertha on March 23 last year. Kyab, a father of two, was sentenced in 2013 for five years and six months in prison for “political activities”.

Activist Gangbu Yudrum was taken into custody on March 22 last year. He served a three-year sentence in 2008 for his role in a protest where he raised the banned Tibetan national flag and called for the return of exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He was arrested in 2012 again for two years, and upon his release, urged local Tibetans to work to free Tibet from Chinese rule.

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  1. These ongoing harsh reality for Tibetans living under Evil Communist Chinese Occupation is a clear signal that enemy is not going to be kind to us no matter what. We can always rely on hope that someday the Occupier will come to a sense and gives use some breathing room, but the Tibetan adage “Bhoe Rawae Phung, Gya Dhokpay Phung” rings true. Our enemy’s only end goal is to erase Tibetan identity and to assimilate with over billion Han population in order to forever resolve the so called Ethnic Minority issues. This is the fact and part of Communist China’s core policy paper on China’s Ethnic Minority. Tibetans as a nation and a race is facing a clear and present existential threat. Either we die hoping or we die resisting. Stop infighting, enemy is smiling the evil smile.

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