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“High time” to resolve parliamentary standoff: CTA President Penpa Tsering on Democracy day

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CTA President Penpa Tsering during his address on the 61st Tibetan Democracy day in Dharamshala. Sept. 2, 2021 (Phayul photo/Kunsang Gashon)

By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, Sept. 2: The President of the exile Tibetan government Penpa Tsering made a strongly worded statement on the occasion of the 61st ‘Tibetan Democracy day’ to urge stakeholders to resolve the ongoing parliamentary crisis.

“We would like to stress that it is high time that the concerned people should seriously weigh the advantages and disadvantages if the situation lingers on, and make no mistake in their consideration by taking responsibility in the highest interest of our cause.

“If the impasse drags on due to their intransigence, it will only lead to the collapse of Tibetan administration. Neither will any Tibetan like to see such a result, nor will it benefit any Tibetan,” the Sikyong said in the Kashag’s (Cabinet) statement.

The head of the Tibetan polity said the Kashag is “ready and firmly committed” to work within the means of the Charter to work with the parliament for the greater cause of Tibet and welfare of the Tibetan people.

The president also said that despite the administrative blockages, the Kashag has been carrying out its administrative works without any negligence in contrast to the parliament, which is unable to carry out its legislative functions including planning activities and campaigns in accordance with the changing situation in China and the international community.

Tsering also laid out negative impacts of the incident, “The Kashag has been informed of several instances of the Chinese government exploiting this issue to spread falsehood inside Tibet, create division in the exile Tibetan community and misuse it at the international platforms. It has created great concern and apprehension among the governments, parliaments and Tibet supporters who genuinely support us.

“Tibetans inside Tibet said they would stop their activities for the Tibetan cause if the problem is not resolved immediately.”

The parliamentary deadlock that began early June is in its 11th week with no end in sight as both sides have displayed no genuine will for talks. Grassroots appeal and public outcry has failed to budge the impasse.  

15 Responses

  1. Faku, what a funneled vision guy have been all this time. What a hatred you harbor there in your dysfunctional mind for CTA and its supporters. Are you such shortsighted that you over see the sequence of events that led to the victimization of Tibetan Judiciary and Dhoetsok. Such a pity. Before you go on with your cacophony at Sikyong for whatever agenda or hatred, for whatever Nyempa your sponsor feed, don’t you want to see the contribution of LS, the Harward tagged fanatic, infamous for having paid his house mortgage in lump sum that stink of bloody ccp hand and the million dollars that he and his pawn kaydar schemed to embezzle just like jhakpa rhukhag. And the most reputed of all, his ten point allegation against some wise man and how that ten point allegations back fired and fell like a deck of cards (Zun kup dhoe pa) in the Judiciary and his lawyer literally running away from the questions put by Tibetan media. And in retaliation of the humiliation conspiring the removal of Judiciary and bringing in the constitutional breakdown, aptly termed by ours most authentic scholar that you have unsubscribed because of your kachaness and your kugkpa shengog. We’ll soon see a day, you go begging for his forgiveness. It’s kind of funny but also feeling unfortunate remembering that monk chitue who said to the media that they didn’t destroy the Trimship Pillar and that Trimshipkhang is safe and sound in Dharamshala. Just see the mentality. And the list goes on.
    Faku la, don’t shut your humanness for that stupid choeka bhakti. All hell lays there. You must come out of that shell before your whole life is spent in small time illusion not getting to hate and take action against china for the annihilation of everything Tibetan. Be a Man, not a Robot. Stop Fake News, faku.

  2. The gist of my piece was it was a travesty of justice and so it was. Owing to that case and the result, It catapulted him to the present status otherwise he would have been banished in the political wilderness. The Sikyong elect is protecting Dakpo Sonam and his office because the legitimacy of his Sikyong status is dependent on the survival of Dakpo as the “Chief Justice Comissioner”. If Dakpo is removed owing to his illegal usurpation of the top Judicial Office, he will be delegitimised as Sikyong because he took the oath of office at Dakpo’s presence. He is therefore protecting him by any means. There lies the crux of the matter.
    It’s all about protecting his own interest at the expense of the interest of the Tibetan people. Those who would be losing sleep would be the likes of Tashi Phuntsok who is arrogant, self assuming and down right insolent. Such people are full of themselves and have an puffed up air of self invincibility about them and go about peddling their lies and deceit to win over the gullible public. They believe in an ideology of hate against others who don’t share their bigoted, narrow and chauvinistic outlook. They spread hate by targeting their enemies with a innuendoes in order to blacken their reputation. They have used this tactic to smear their opponents during election and managed to deceive the public to win the election.
    The present Sikyong elect and his gaggle of supporters have waged war on the CTA since 2016!!! The revolt was let by the late people smuggler Thinley Kelsang, who was the right hand man of present Sikyong elect. It’s the first time EVER that the Tibetan Government was faced with domestic upheaval. How on earth any patriotic Tibetan even envisage such treasonous act when we are exiled from our own country and dispossessed in a foreign land? However, the late Thinley Kalsang and his foot soldiers marched to Dharamsala from New York to revolt against the Tibetan Government in support of PT while plaintiff PT took Kashag to court!!! This is the record of the present Sikyong elect’s anti-CTA subterfuge. For ordinary Tibetans it’s as hurtful as the blowing up of Bamiyan Buddha by the Taliban Islamic fanatics!
    Today, the shoe is on the other foot! No amount of disparaging others can hide the obscenity of these people who are now feeling the full weight of their karma. Many of them are losing sleep and they should because there are calls for his resignation. If he doesn’t fix the present impasse and have the exile Government up and running, it will become more strident!!

  3. This person writing in the name of ‘Gyalchepa’ has an evil agenda in being critical of the current Sikyong Penpa Tsering so much so that just like the official Chinese propaganda he even resorts to misrepresenting facts when he says, “The Sikyong elect has his own agenda to keep these impeached SJC because they completely ignored ten reasons to defend the previous Kashag which were thrown out including the dismissal of first hand statements by witnesses and awarded victory to plaintiff PT.”
    The truth is Case No. 20 was decided when Kargyu Dhondup was the Chief Justice Commissioner and not Sonam Dagpo. On 14 October 2019 reported that “in the high profile case no 20, the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission (TSJC) ruled in favour of Penpa Tsering”. The report added, “The case was filed in May 2018, largely sparked by publication of a 10-point clarification on official websites of CTA for terminating the service of plaintiff from the Office of Tibet, Washington DC in November 2017. The verdict that lasted almost five hours in which the Chief Justice Commissioner Kargyu Dhondup went through minutes of the case, the plaintiff was acquitted from the charges formulated as eight issues of law and two issue of facts in the case.”
    People like Gyalchepa who talk rubbish and go about telling lies will always be caught. Such people are always insecure and do not enjoy a good night’s sleep. One can only feel sorry for these miserable people. They are slaves of other wicket people and both melt away in the face of Truth and Justice.

  4. Every Tibetan should see the gravity of the present situation and contribute in solving it. The biggest mistake was made by the SJC when they arbitrarily penalised eleven Chitues for no fault of theirs. This has snowballed into the present crises.
    There is no Suo moto provision any where in the charter yet they arbitrarily used it which lit the fuse for the raging fire that is engulfing the CTA today. On their part, the Chitues, had no other recourse than impeach the recalcitrant SJCs who had abused their power out of hubris.
    The wrong doers accepted their mistake and stepped down. Everything was fine. Nobody complained about the action of the Chitues including all other chitues who had the opportunity to protest if they wished.
    But one evening, everything was turned upside down by SR. Sparks started flying and it became a conflagration that is now consuming the CTA. Why? The ignorant, fanatical and communal elements like Deshbhakt (mookbhakt?) and his fellow travellers don’t follow reason but heresy. Indeed, in Tibetan Buddhism, it clearly says, གང་ཟག་ལ་མི་རྟོན་་ ཆོས་ལ་རྟོན་ ཚིག་ལ་མི་རྟོན་ དོན་ལ་རྟོན་ རྣམ་ཤེས་ལ་མི་རྟོན་ ཡེ་ཤེས་ལ་རྟོན་ དྲང་དོན་ལ་མི་རྟོན་ ངེས་དོན་ལ་རྟོན་(reliance on meaning rather than words, RELIANCE ON DOCTRINE rather than PERSON) The Buddha taught don’t rely on individuals because of their fame, status and power (because they are all fallible) but rely on the truth. Unfortunately, the Bhakhts like the RSS in India are imbued with an ideology that is no different from the Hindutva of the Tibetan brand. They glorify their cult leader in order to gain maximum veracity to his statements. They have been radicalised by a man who has committed blasphemy against the Buddha by claiming, Buddha’s sense of achieving enlightenment was a hallucination! He also maligned the Dalai Lama by saying that the Dalai Lama’s advise to recite Tara mantra in covet era was a farce!
    These regressive and communal minded people refuse to acknowledge the mistakes made by the impeached SJS nor accept the sanctity of Resolution 39 but dismiss everything because they repose all their trust in SR and his interpretation which he himself has contradicted umpteen times! They trust him because of his status, fame and power which is in fact going completely against Buddha’s advise which says otherwise. And yet, he has the audacity to quote the Buddha when he doesn’t even know what he is talking about!
    When you are expelled, you are down and out! Resolution 39 showed the RED CARD to the three SJC and they stepped down but some one with an agenda resuscitated them to give them a new lease of life! This person is a very close confidante of the Sikyong elect. The Sikyong elect has his own agenda to keep these impeached SJC because they completely ignored ten reasons to defend the previous Kashag which were thrown out including the dismissal of first hand statements by witnesses and awarded victory to plaintiff PT. Today, the Sikyong elect is duty bound to protect them to repay his gratitude and that is the reason why Dakpo Sonam and his colleagues are protected even at the cost of total melt down of the CTA!!!
    A good leader must listen to all sides and bring about understanding in order to end this blood letting feud but instead he makes it a point to reject any understanding and puts himself on the pedestal as the righteous one. Such, obstinacy and arrogance will get us no where. Both parties have different ways of looking at the debacle and there is little space for reconciliation if both stuck to their respective stands. If this trend continues, people will rightly feel let down by lack of leadership at the highest level and it will only create more alienation of the leader from certain sections of the people creating further cracks in the exile community. It will certainly damage the Sikyong elect and his standing in the community and will do irreparable damage to the fabric of Tibetan community. It’s time to stop the blame game and start bridging the divide for the good of the exile Tibetans and fulfilment of the hopes of the People in Tibet.

    1. Dear faku, when you tried preaching, “reliance on meaning rather than words, RELIANCE ON DOCTRINE rather than PERSON”, by quoting Buddha, I felt a ray of hope in you. I therefore insist compassionately, you read again, and again what Tashi Phuntsok la posted, just like a doctrine; and then sit somewhere peaceful or lie down if necessary and let your human brain sink in the fact. If you are not satisfied, fact-check the info without being influenced especially by Khampa Shengog communal people and cult leaders like ugyentopogye who since ages despised CTA and would pounce on any opportunity to bring down its reputation and credibility. I think by that time you might see the truth. Could you do that or you just used Buddha for the sake of your blah blah without heads and tails. If you did it right you too will get “I am shocked” moment of your life. And from then on you can be rightly called a Gyalchepa, a Gyalchepa indeed.

      In-case you failed in the practice of your self-serving doctrine, you are certainly, without a doubt, the ones that don’t want to see the GRAVITY OF THE PRESENT SITUATION intoxicated and blinded by communal attachment, communal hate story, spurred by inferiority complex of highest degree, hell bent on dragging the feet of six million, ignoring the mountain of enemy. You failed as a Tibetan.

    2. You have hidden agenda. Our charter must prevail. I like how you write in English. Your education must have blessings from our exile government! At least do your part not to harm if you are unwilling to support. For the peace of six million Tibetans!!!

  5. The problem started when three justices, who have no education nor background in law, used a controversial legal tool frowned upon in most decent societies for the inordinate amount of power it gives to the court without proper jurisprudence. The problem started with their ignorance. If this wasn’t a big lapse of judgement on their part, they went a step further by reinstating themselves without due process. The power of interpretation of the law ultimately lies with the court but we have three justices who do not have any understanding of the law (nor education in law), how can we trust them with interpreting law for us? They also had a press conference offering their resignation. How can we trust our constitution with fickle heads like them? If the chitues who are asking for their resignation do not stand their ground then we will be living under TSJC dictatorship. Please protect our democracy.

  6. reported the President of the exile Tibetan government Penpa Tsering in his statement on the occasion of the 61st ‘Tibetan Democracy day’ urged stakeholders to resolve the ongoing parliamentary crisis, saying “We would like to stress that it is high time that the concerned people should seriously weigh the advantages and disadvantages if the situation lingers on, and make no mistake in their consideration by taking responsibility in the highest interest of our cause.”
    Sikong Penpa Tsering is also reported to have said the Kashag is “ready and firmly committed” to work within the means of the Charter to work with the parliament for the greater cause of Tibet and welfare of the Tibetan people.
    So why Sonam Frasi on September 4 event in London talk about ghushang and not follow Kashag’s statement. He supposed to represent CTA and Kashag in UK? We recently heard same ghushang thing mention by ex-sikyong Lobsang Sangay who did nothing to solve this parliament problem in Dharamsala before end of his term and now blaming us the Tibetan people and media. He lied in the past and still shamelessly spread lies. But we Tibetan people no fools. In democracy Chatrim is supreme and there is no place for ghushang or do what you like. If Sonam Frasi want to follow his political master Lobsang Sangy who used his position to appoint him Office of Tibet London Rep then he should resign. Otherwise he must follow the right path and policy of CTA now lead by Sikyong Penpa Tsering.
    CTA established by His Holiness the Dalai Lama is strong and has been sustained by hundreds of dedicated staff both past and present. Only problem with some chitues and officials who not honest – they make CCP in China happy and our fellow Tibetans in occupied Tibet suffer. We ask them don’t mess up with Charter-based Democracy given to Tibetan people by our supreme leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His Holiness and law of Karma watching you guys and us Tibetans will also be vigilant.

  7. I want ask for your attention to our Constitution. Article 47 says clearly how the members of the elected parlament have to take their oath:

    Article 47: Oath taking by members of Tibetan Parliament
    The Standing Committee of the Tibetan Parliament shall appoint the elected member with the longest record of membership of parliament as the Interim Speaker. In case there are two or more members with equal length of longest parliamentary membership record, the oldest aged among them shall be appointed as the Interim Speaker. After the Interim Speaker had taken his oath of office before the Chief Justice of the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission, each Member of Parliament shall, before assuming office, take his or her oath or affirmation of office before him in accordance with the format set out for the purpose by law. After the election of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, the oathshall be taken before the Speaker. In case the Speaker happens to be absent, the oath shall be taken before the Deputy speaker.

    Here you can clearly judge who made the mistakes or ignored the constition. But now we can say to err is human. It is now time to think wisely and come to fulfill their duties and forget tiny personal differences.

  8. It is kind of laughable matter when people like pseudo gyalchepa who has this nature of always protruding in our peaceful society, insist that reinstatement of the three judges was against the Chatim and the present lock jam of Dhoetsok began right from there. The pseudo also think Sickyong PT is not concerned about resolving the matter that we are all ashamed of as a Tibetan and the disillusionment that it has caused to the Tibetan friends and well wishers all over the world giving ccp a time of their life, sure it’s their handy work. Wish Tibetans were not that easy headed. Gholabo.
    Although the solution to this disgraceful event to the Tibetan Nation and unity is as simple as that but the brothers stick on to it as if it was their golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory to meet the Ompalompas.
    I am sure we all know the root cause of this matter lays exactly there but we go as we please. Even if the concerned authorities agree to those chitues taking the oath however they wish, the continuation of this stupidity will persist until and unless you/we let it go. The weed that grows in the garden has to be removed from its root instead of plucking its leaves and branches.
    The Dhoetosk being rendered chuttti has nothing to do with the BIG talk like IMPLEMENTATION OF THE RULE OF LAW OR CHATRIM RINPOCHEN as you/we all seem to pretend or think; or anything that has got to do with logic, rationality or scientific analysis. Newsflash: EVERYTHING BOILS DOWN TO THAT ANCIENT CONCEPTION/MISCONCEPTION that you broke my heart once; I’ll break yours twice, now. Come what may! The medieval era mentality that passed on from generation, those popolas and momolas are to be blamed for keeping alive the mentality that is injurious to our cause.
    The Buddha’s wisdom of Logical Analysis, Mindfulness, Concentration, Patience, Compassion don’t really seem to have come in handy to deal with such matter. Rather the three poisons have overpowered the monkey mind.
    The Dhoetsok and the three Judges are just plain victims of retaliation by people like pseudo gyalchepa here who dare to tell us about the supreme sacrifices of our MARTYRS but not a morbidly bothered about their aspiration and hope of Tibet for which they offered their life. Those martyrs surely are shedding tears in the Buddha Field for the stupidity of living, those Tibetan alive for being dead in such important matter concerning Tibet as a nation when we have the world’s BIGGEST bully as our enemy.
    People like pseudo gyalchepa will never comprehend Patriotism and Nationalism although seem to be claiming one. I doubt pseudo gyalchpa’s grasp of the term with his tribal mentality. Patriotism rises above regionalism, tribalism and religion. Egocentrism has nothing to do with it.
    Resolving Parliamentary Stand-off in one sense is just at the click of your fingers. Just click and it pops and we have our Dhoetsok back in session under PT (Sikyong). Good news for us all. If people like pseudo gyalchepa keep on their pessimism toward Sikyong PT in defusing the matter, they should consider properly if they are in their right mind. Our Ex- Sikyong LS too should be equally concerned if not more instead of basking in that tailor made pseudo glory.

  9. I take issue with Sonam Tso’s diatribe “if the intention of the 22 chitues is to weaken the Tibetan freedom Movement and create chaos, then they should continue to act in the same manner until CTA becomes unmanageable”. You seem to have a very high opinion of yourself to cast aspersions on the patriotism of the 22 chitues. I haven’t heard a whisper about you until the two drivels that saw the light of day on these pages. So, what makes you think those 22 Chitues are somehow less patriotic than yourself?
    The history of the Tibetan Struggle is let by monks and nuns. Out of the fifty six self-immolations in protest of brutal Chinese occupation of Tibet, more than 78% of the self-immolations were committed by young monks and nuns! The famous 1987 Uprising by the monks in Lhasa was first led by Drepung monks and then Sera and later the Gandhen monks. Many of them have suffered unimaginable torture by inserting cattle prods in their mouth and having them hung upside down for days. Many have been murdered in Chinese prisons like Yulo Dawa Tsering Rinpoche and Geshe Lobsang Wangchuk just to name a few. Nuns have followed in their footsteps and have sacrificed their lives for the cause of Tibet and spent years in prison being tortured with electric prods inserted in their vaginas.
    The most prominent ones who have survived the horrors of Chinese prison are Ngawang Sangdol and Phuntsok Nyidon who are now in exile. Ngawang Sangdol and Phuntsok Nyidon belong to the 13 brave nuns of Drapchi prison who sang songs for the freedom of Tibet and their longing desire to meet the Dalai Lama. Ngawang Sangdol was imprisoned at the tender age of 13. Most of them unfortunately died at a very young age owing to the tortures they endured in prison. The monks who are holding office in Dharamsala today are coming from a generation of Tibetans who were brought up under brutal Chinese Communist oppression. That is why they have psychological traumas and scars inflicted upon them and have often hot tempers as a result of their upbringing in such repressive environment in occupied Tibet. They nurse deep seeded disdain and utter contempt for the Chinese communists and that is why many of them have found it hard to reconcile with the CTA’s policy of appeasement. They are deeply committed nationalists who want nothing but the night mare of Chinese occupation to end. They have no appetite to be apologists of communist China. They are ready to die for Tibet and the Dalai Lama if it comes to the crunch. Their forefathers have done it since 1951 until 1959 when Tibet was lost.
    Likewise, Lha Gyari Namgyal Dolkar is a dyed-in-the-wool Tibetan nationalist who has been in the forefront of Tibetan struggle, including a Pada Yatra from Bodh Gaya to Dharamsala in 2012 while she was a college student. Today, she has a voice to the outside world through the Indian media who can’t get enough of her because of her command of the English language and her in-put in Tibet’s current situation. Tenzin Jigme has been the President of the largest Tibetan NGO, the TYC which has been in the forefront of leading the Rangzen charge against Chinese occupation of Tibet.
    So, it’s very impudent of you to cast aspersions against highly motivated and incredibly patriotic and dedicated people with your repugnant and condemnable drivel. You had better check what you have contributed for the cause of Tibet instead of questioning the patriotism of such devoted nationalists and then castigate yourself if you have overestimated your own importance.

  10. f the Sikyong elect had true leadership qualities, the first thing he should have done is to handle the constitutional crises that has paralysed the Tibetan Government. Protecting the Exile Government from self inflicted ruination naturally would have been the first priority of any leader who is worth his salt. Most unfortunately, he couldn’t careless and left it as if everything is hunky dory in Dharamsala.
    He admitted that two chitues (U-Tsang Namgyal Dolkar and Ari Tenzin Jigme) approached him for advise and possible reconciliation but he had let them know that he will not budge from his stand of having to take oath in front of Dawa Tsering!!! He had been under the impression that the 22 chitues will buckle under the pressure of his attack dogs and “public condemnation” for their stand. That was obviously a miscalculation since the 22 chitues enjoy support from all three cholkas for their stand in protecting the chatrim. The wanton reinstatement of the impeached SJC without due process by ridiculing and savaging Resolution 39 has been the most devastating judicial murder that has split the Tibetan diaspora in the middle. The need of the hour is therefore justice from the system and not justice from individuals. All individuals are fallible and that is why we must have a system that cannot err. Unfortunately, the Sikyong elect and his cohorts have indulged in cult worship and thus relied on individual justice by relying on one single individual’s interpretation.
    Aristotle said, “The law is reason without passion”. Think of a football match. If the referee runs around feeling passionately about which team wins or loses, that referee is not a good arbiter. We wanted a referee who is completely neutral. Unfortunately, SR was not neutral. It is public knowledge where his sympathies lay.
    The Sikyong elect has failed to live up to his election promises of “equity of treatment” and instead lurched towards his cohorts who have consistently slandered against the 22 chitues by not even inviting them on the occasion of his swearing in ceremony. Owing to such pettiness, it gave his side to besmirch the 22 chitues the opportunity to smear them with distasteful slurs.
    If he is really concerned as he claims, it is high time he need to demonstrate that he indeed got what it takes to lead the Tibetans by getting down to serious reconciliation talks between the two sides with a open mind without preconditions. The future of the Tibetan movement is at stake.
    However, let it be known that if this drags on indefinitely, we will have to demand a re-Election of the Sikyong, the Chitues and Justice Commissioners. We simply can’t go on forever paralysed for the next five years!

  11. Instead of doing ‘Ghorshey’ (dancing in circle and getting nowhere); one possible way to move forward can be :

    a) First, 3 members of TCJC may resign voluntarily. Reason – Let them choose themselves.(i.e, sacrificing for general goodness, respect for His Holiness and Parliament, etc).

    b) Then, 22 Chitues may take their oaths / blessings before His Holiness by virtual interaction (by online). Reason – Absence of TSJC, His Holiness is divine and hence above Chartrim.

    3) Resume the Tibetan Parliament, and reinstate / re-elect the 3 members of TCJC who resigned voluntarily. Reason – Ambiguity in Charter and the unprecedented conditions due to onslaught of the Pandemic led to hasty decisions, mistakes by everyone; not only by the 3 members of TSJC. So, all are responsible. Our democracy is in nascent stage. Every one falls but important is to rise up, not to pull everyone down. And it is Parliament’s duty to ensure everyone is up.

  12. If the intention of 22 Chithues is to weaken the Tibetan Freedom Movement and create chaos, then they should continue to act in the same manner until the CTA become unmanageable. Otherwise, they should be willing to resolve this crisis in the highest interest of our people. It has been several months since this discord had cropped up, and nothing fruitful result came up, despite many attempts by the eminent personalities. All the appeals, legal advices and friendly persuasions by the friends and well wishers have fallen into the deaf’s ear. Never ever in the past six decades, such an internal disputes have paralyzed the exiled parliament. It is not the issue of who win or lose, although the resolution was unfairly passed by the former speaker under the influence of hostile forces and inspired by LS. The former speaker had acted in the most undemocratic and dictatorial manner. What is the way out to this crisis?
    Can these 22 Chithues restore confidence and trust in their leadership?

  13. It is really sad that why 22 peoples’ elected Chitues( 10 Dotoe, 10 Chogue, U-Tsang Lha gyari and US Chitue Tenzin Jigmey, former President of TYC having Rangzen approach)simply can’t take formal oath from the pro-tem speaker as per the swearing-in ceremony Chatrim rules. The senior leaders like former Sikyong LS la & Kelsang Dorjee Aukatsang la have been trying to motivate them to these same Chitues without having any proper goal to help our community in the long term benefits rather we fall. This is really odd & disappointing. Why internal conflict? when I was a small kid in school, I have learnt in Indian & World History……….Internal Conflict is one of the key causes of loosing any battle or movement on the ground. I believe due to their ignorance, poor understanding along with human egos caused this Parliament-deadlock tense in the whole Tibetan community. We the common public can’t do something miracle and it is only the key responsibility of current new elected going to-be Chitue after taking a simple oath from the pro-tem speaker to resolve this whole drama of row between the TSJ and the Parliament members.

    Besides, these days, I have notice through the internet that certain section small amount of Tibetans who disagree with the current Sikyong PT. Those who disagrees or say 100, 1000 times, after all anyhow, PT la is our Sikyong because he won the recent public general election, elected by the Tibetan public by winning the majority vote than Kedor Aukatsang la. PT has been approved by most importantly by our His Holiness and also formally acknowledged from the former LS Sikyong. At that the former Sikyong has no any objection word for legality of swearing-in ceremony procedure from TSJ. Haven’t you seen that significant episode on net? If not, please check on Youtube that successful programme oath taking ceremony. We always say His Holiness is our root lama but in real ??? Do we follow his words? Hence, I suggest we must support him at this critical juncture for the benefit of all & for the Tibet cause. Shame on these hardline 22 Chitues.
    Bodh Gyalo.

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