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No breakthrough in attempt to mediate parliamentary deadlock: NGO coalition

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Right to Left- The heads of National Democratic Party of Tibet, Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association and Students for a Free Tibet – India during the press conference at Dharamshala on Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021 (Phayul photo/ Kunsang Gashon)

By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, Aug. 18: Four Dharamshala based Tibetan NGOs on Wednesday said that they will cease all efforts to resolve the ongoing parliamentary deadlock after their attempts to mediate the crisis “has failed to bring any results”. The Tibetan Youth Congress, Tibetan Women’s Association, National Democratic Party of Tibet, and Students for a Free Tibet – India issued a three-point appeal letter a fortnight ago which they said would be presented to all stakeholders including the MPs of the 17th Tibetan Parliament, and the concerned authorities of the Central Tibetan Administration.

“As it is clear that our efforts with regards to the appeals will not bring any results, we will cease all activities to bring resolution to the ongoing parliamentary crisis from this day onwards,” TYC President Gonpo Dhondup said while speaking on the group’s behalf.

Despite queries from the members of the press over the response for their appeals from the newly elected MPs, the Kashag (Cabinet) and the Election Commission, the NGO heads refused to reveal any details.

On August 4, the NGO’s urged stakeholders to officially accept MPs from both the sides whether they have taken their oath of office from the interim speaker or in front of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s portrait, so that the proceedings of the new house can begin from the September session.

In addition, the NGOs also appealed for the formation of an independent committee to amend any ambiguities in the Charter, which many say is one of the key factor for the crisis. The joint statement by the groups, however, said that if the impasse is resolved, the lawmakers should then refrain from discussing any matter involving the 16th TPiE, resolution no. 39, Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission, and as well as the oath taking ceremony of the new MPs and the Sikyong, so that the issue is not dragged further.

The appointment of the new Speaker of the house as well as the appointment of cabinet (Kashag) ministers has since been stalled due to the ongoing parliamentary crisis since June with seemingly no end to the stalement in sight at the moment. The deadlock has meant that the new administration headed by President Penpa Tsering is faced with many administrative challenges including budgetary constraints to run the exile Tibetan government.

10 Responses

  1. Read the news from Tibet. The environment in our country, our religion and our culture are being systematically and ruthlessly destroyed by the communist China and our brothers and sisters have no human rights in our own country. Many brave brothers and sisters are being imprisoned without judicial grounds and proceedings and are being tortured even to death. Can we overlook these things and fight among ourselves over banal personal differences, where our totally united attention and the efforts are needed to find a solution to these burning problems in our country? There is no other important thing than we and we, because united we stand, divided we fall. That is what we are experiencing since 1950. Shall we always remain fallen down?

  2. A handful of Tibetan lawmakers has some hidden agendas to destabilize the CTA, and not let the present Sikyong work for the greater interest of Tibet and Tibetans. They are taking advantage of our weakness and they keep hurting the national sentiments of our people. These people do not even have any respect for the person of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and I request them to show their wisdom and concern for the well being of our people. Are you not ashamed of disgracing the Tibetan democracy? You should do introspection of your past deed and cooperate their other fellow colleagues to find an amicable solution to the current drama.
    Are these Chithues infected with the new variant of coronavirus unknown to scientists?

  3. ”Following by Chatrim Rinpoche is the key solution to the present Parliament impasse”. This problem has been initially made by 16th House members & now they are responsible for it, to resolve it. Since they initiated this major problem and now they have to solve it at any cost. Here is the thing, They did not look the Chatrim properly and blindly passed the #39 resolution which is absolutely unacceptable to the Tibetan public. If the CTA is closed unfortunately by March next year 2022, the Tibet cause is almost finished lo & its losses to all the Tibetans inside & outside. I think all favoured The 16th House members for impeaching all 3 Supreme Judges were irresponsible & bullshit. These are real troublemakers CHATRIM RULE BREAKER in the society.

  4. It is totally conspiracy and local politic talking about Charter base Oath. There is also no reason to blame 22 Chithues who also have support from 3 other newly elected Chithues even though the three have taken Oath from Pro-tem Speaker. If we genuinely understand the merit of democracy, the resolution #39 and undertaking Oath through His Holiness Portrait/Charter book both earned majority. Accepting both illegal Oath as legal is the only alternative solution and judicious step. There is no other common ground.

  5. Why shouldn’t some real brave, wise, patriotic and responsible khampa men make sense of this mockery of our tiny tiny society, evaluate its worth and take action for the sake of Tibet in your own locality stressing the need of Tibetan unity in our united struggle against chinareds, the one that needs to be avenged, the one that continues its injustice over Tibetans in Tibet.

    Just the other day a news item reads that a young Tibetan in Tibet was almost beaten to death for not showing smiley face as some thick neck chinese ponpo visited their village and here we are grinding our teeth against each other. It sure looks like Tibetans are a spent-force of destiny, unfortunate indeed. It is the nick of time we fix this glitch in our brotherhood or we go down the history as the generation that contributed in rewinding Tibet into the era of Bhoe-Sil-Bu-Thor. What an achievement!

    Instead of those organizations by default, only a positive action from some Visionary Khampas could defuse this situation in which our namesake Dhoetsok (Victimized) has been sadly bed ridden with no genuine get well notes or lines in its concern. But sure china is making the next move. Be ware fellow Tibetans!

    But those with default must go and advice their boy, the ring leader. Isn’t he a college graduate, the receiver of modern education. When he came out all that hard and tough nut after all these education, I wonder if education really fulfills its purpose (I remember this line from some English book in a school years ago).

  6. can some tibetans share some positive suggestions to continue our parliament?
    my suggestion is to gather all the chitues at dharamsala, take oath from both HH DL portrait and Chatrim Booklet. as soon as it is done, they have to amend the charter to leave some place for extraordinary exceptions…(natural disastrous etc.)
    secondly, vote to increase Sikyong scholarship fot all the achieved students, it is the responsibility of all the tibetans to contribute if it goes minus in the future, for our brilliant students, we have to work and support for the cause of Tibet.
    thirdly, seating inside parliament should be mixed, none of the same choekha should be sitting next to each other, that looks dirty before the eyes of six million watchers!
    fourthly, all the chithues must bring suggestions for the false they see in the cabinet and not only critise, it is their duty to bring solutions too.
    fifthly, be united in the parliament, we are only few thousands in exile, and we look up to you guys, behave like real tibetans.
    all the best of luck to you all

  7. This is a huge set back in attempting to solve the constitutional crises that has bedevilled the CTA. The rejection of the gracious effort by the most respected NGOs who have been in the forefront of the Tibetan resistance to Chinese occupation heralds dark days and even darker consequences for the Tibetan people. Their well meaning effort has been thwarted and they have been squarely snubbed by the four Tserings. These four Tserings are using the 19 Chitues of U-Tsang and Domed as pawns in their attempt to discredit and disavow the 22 chitues. There is no issue between the two groups of chitues among themselves but now the U-Tsang’s nine chitues and ten chitues from Domed have become hostages of the aforementioned Tserings. They have become lackeys of these irresponsible people in Dharamsala. It’s none of their business concerning the stand of the other 22 chitues but now they are dancing to the tunes of the Tserings.
    Fortunately, unlike the 19 chitues with cave dweller’s mentality, the honest and truth loving two chitues from Europe and America didn’t involve themselves in this cloak and dagger conspiracy. Venerable Thupten Wangchen from Europe and Tsering Dhondup from America are men of integrity and patriotism who thinks of the Tibetan nation rather than narrow communal bigotry.
    Instead of dealing with the issue in hand that has beset the CTA for three long months, the authority in Dasa is trying to distract the public by dissolving the “Taskforce on Sino-Tibet Dialogue” and in its place creates another so called “strategic planning committee”. The whole reason why this institution is put in place is, it’s to by pass the Legislative Assembly’s (chitue Lhankhang) scrutiny for the endorsement of Kalons and supplant Kashag. So, it’s a quasi-Kashag but with all the power invested in one person! The CTA has now been transformed into a semi-dictatorship!
    This is at the root of the present logjam because the authority in Dhasa is dictating his own will on the 22 chitues using the 19 chitues as his attack dogs. This is irresponsible and is going to divide the Tibetan community into a never ending feud that will have extremely serious consequences in the foreseeable future. It will alienate one very important section of the community which has a history of alienation by successive Governments in Lhasa in pre-occupation history.
    There is danger that the CTA will be permanently paralysed by division if the authority in Dhasa doesn’t take present crises seriously and solve it as quickly as possible. When your hair has caught fire, there is nothing more important than dousing the fire before any thing else. Likewise, when the CTA is paralysed, the first priority is to fix the immediate pressing issue rather than pretending to do something that is beyond the scope in these trying circumstances. Be realistic and be practical. There is no point in playing to the public gallery when the CTA is a train-wreck!!!

    1. Blah blah blah….man your long comment is full of Bull’s excrement. To the point please I’m begging you. And one thing I’m 100% sure is that you’re definitely not a “རྒྱལ་གཅེས་པ་”.

    2. It’s all cat and mouse war between the current president Penpa Tsering and the former Lobsang Sangay supporters. On top of that old age Khampa regionalism which plagued the exile Tibetan world from the onset and gradually gained prominence during the LS tenure majorly contributed to the current debacle. The vivid memories of case 20 coupled with Mr. PT elected as President of the CTA, is not a sight for the sore eyes.

    3. rgyal dces pa means some one who loves his country as a whole. So we have to leave this regional polarity and these absurd personal differences. We have to talk about how we can work unitedly for our country and for our people. There are lots do in these burning points which require full unity and harmony. Forget these minor personal diferences and ego trips, if we are really serious about our contry and our people which are our main and actual duty. We have no other choice then to come in unity and work together in harmony. Come together and talk in peace and try to understand each other and get the things done without deadlock. That is my request to all the Tibetans and especially to the members of the parliament.

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