Opinion: Let’s talk about ‘Intimate partner violence’ within Tibetan society

Lhamo, a Tibetan social media infuencer sucumbed to her injuries after she was lit on fire by her ex-husband. (nextshark)

By Sang Mota (Sangmo) For Tibetan women, speaking publicly about Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is never easy.  Across Asian cultures, including Tibetan culture, Intimate Partner Violence(IPV) is regarded as a family secret. IPV is not only considered personally shameful, but cultural norms further dictate that it is a disgrace to the family to speak about […]

Beijing and Kathmandu deny accusations of Chinese encroachment on Nepalese territory

Is the ruling Nepalese party's pro-China stance cutting into the country's sovreignity? (Statesman)

By Choekyi Lhamo DHARAMSHALA, Nov. 4: In what is being seen as a joint effort to refute the recent Chinese encroachment in Nepalese territory, both the ruling Nepalese party and the Chinese government have reportedly denied on Tuesday the accusations of Chinese encroachment on Nepalese territory. The development comes after the incident of encroachment was […]