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Former candidate Tashi Wangdu to run for Sikyong elections again

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Tashi Wangdu announced his candidacy for 2021 Sikyong elections (Photo- Facebook)
Tashi Wangdu announced his candidacy for 2021 Sikyong elections (Photo- Facebook)

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, Sept. 22:  Tashi Wangdu who ran in the last Sikyong elections announced he will run again for the highest office of the Tibetan polity in 2021 on Sunday. He initiated his address by noting the importance of the upcoming elections in the wake of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s advanced age, “The CCP believes that the Tibetan struggle will evaporate after His Holiness but the upcoming Tibetan generation needs to take up the responsibility in their hands.”

The former staff of Bureau Office, New Delhi and the former CEO of the Federation of Tibetan Co-operatives in India Ltd. (FTCI) said he will strengthen the ties with various settlements scattered all across India with Dharamshala-based Central Tibetan Administration. Wangdu also promised to increase the student scholarship under the Department of Education of the CTA. 

The candidate also stressed on the welfare of Tibetans in the exile community through financial stability and argued that Tibetans need to be self-sufficient in order to survive without any foreign aid. He reiterated his belief in the Middle Way Approach but said he will work with Rangzen (independence) supporters as well to resolve the issue of Tibet.

Wangdu charted out 4 important issues abbreviated into the word SEEN (Sustainability, Education, Economy & Negotiations) to resolve the issue of Tibet. He would focus on the stability of the Tibetan community in exile, provide the best education to the Tibetan youth, and improve the welfare of the Tibetan people and work towards negotiation through dialogues between the Tibetan and Chinese sides. 

In his concluding remarks, Wangdu appealed to the Tibetan media to have more interview platforms for the candidates so the Tibetan community can make an informed choice for the highest post of the CTA. He also urged Tibetans to exercise their right to vote in order to participate in the democratic election process.

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  1. In the next election, it’s important the Election Commission make clear what the rules are for the final election in accordance with the Tibetan Charter. It should not be an arbitrary decision ex post facto. Any candidates that don’t support MWA & seek Rangzen should not be excluded simply because of this fact. Freedom of speech must be protected.

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