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Trump prevented top aide from meeting Dalai Lama over China optics: Former NSA advisor Bolton

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US President Donal Trump and his former NSA Advisor John Bolton (Photo courtesy Bloomberg)
US President Donal Trump and his former NSA Advisor John Bolton (Photo courtesy Bloomberg)

By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, June 25: US President Donald Trump prevented Nikki Haley, the former United States ambassador to the United Nations from meeting the Dalai Lama in 2018 over China optics, claims former National Security Advisor John Bolton in his new book, The Room Where It Happened, which released Tuesday.

Bolton claims that Haley’s request to take a diplomatic envoy to India in June 2018 to meet with the Dalai Lama was turned down over concerns of how Beijing would react to the matter.

“The purpose of this trip was unclear, other than getting a photo op with the Dalai Lama, always good for an aspiring pol. But the minefield she strayed into by raising the China trade issue showed a political tin ear: Once Trump wondered how China would view Haley’s seeing the Dalai Lama, the trip was essentially dead,” Bolton writes in his 592-page book.

Among the many stunning claims, Bolton said that Trump asked China for help in getting re-elected by buying more agricultural products from the US. According to an unredacted passage cited by Vanity Fair, “Make sure I win,” Trump allegedly told Xi during a dinner at the G20 conference in Osaka, Japan last summer. “I will probably win anyway, so don’t hurt my farms.… Buy a lot of soybeans and wheat and make sure we win.”

Bolton goes on to write that Trump expressed approval of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s policy of building concentration camps to detain Uighur Muslim minorities. “According to our interpreter, Trump said to Xi, ‘go ahead, you’re doing exactly the right thing.’” Bolton writes.

The book based on notes taken in a series of rooms during Bolton’s spell as Trump’s third national security adviser from April 2018 to September 2019, has since taken Washington by storm. The administration’s attempt to block the publication of the book failed after a court in Washington ruled in Bolton’s favour. President Trump indicated that a civil suit to seize all profits from the book will continue, and even hinted at criminal prosecution.

Bolton has called the sitting President ‘not fit for office’ while Trump responded by saying he is just a “disgruntled boring fool” whose book is “made up of lies & fake stories”.

The last US diplomat to meet the Dalai Lama publicly is Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback, a member of the Republican party, who called on the Tibetan leader here in Dharamshala in October 2019. Successive US Presidents have met with the Dalai Lama over the years, barring the incumbent US President Donald Trump.

11 Responses

  1. What Bolton said can’t be taken at face value as he has issues with President Trump. Liberal media was totally against him when he serving as security advisor and was not supported by democrats in his nomination. But now he is supposed to be credible when he stands against Trump. So itself speaks volume where the liberal media stands, known agenda of anti- Trump.
    Long before Richard Gere was ostracized when spoke about Tibet human right issue at the Grammy award. Now Hollywood cow tails to CCP crude power of economic consequence. Even going to the extend saying CCP is not that bad but American is very bad n racist bla—bla. World is much safer n better place when USA is at the top. God forbid if China comes at the top, all hell will break loose. Hopefully because of this CCP virus world is finally opening eyes n started to take some concrete action against CCP. But nobody is willing to give some credit to Trump even though he was taking long before about predatory Chinese investment n bad trade practices, regional bully tactics which he stands very firmly against.
    Hopefully he’ll meet Dalai Lama in 2nd term.

    1. Stop watching mainstream media .It is all fake. For decades it has been brainwashing people with their narrative. In addition to the MSM, the Academia- Univerisites, Colleges, etc. Actually, the brainwashing starts from school.
      Instead watch youtube channels like :
      Zooming in with Simone Gao,
      American thought leaders-The Epoch times.

  2. N what did Clinton n Obama do?? Clinton put China on WTO n misguided n manipulated HH DALAI LAMA to give up on TIBETS’ independence n to seek for an autonomous region. Clinton sold out Tibet to appease CHINA n put them on WTO due to which this EVIL insatiable nations’ appetite for more land grabbing tactic was fuelled by its economic muscles.

    The world at present is facing an unprecedented unrest & suffering econmically n politically. The Evil nation that the world leaders pampered n fed has come to bite them back. China is threatening India, South china sea – pacific nations, Australia, UK , US .

    It has strategically taken over key military areas im various countries wid corrupt leaders by bribing them n debt trapping their nations in Sri lanka, Australia, Italy, Africa, Pakistan, Philipines, Fiji etc.

    Trump did not cause all of this but past leaders of US n other nations definitely did it.
    Now, after this pandemic Trump is waking upto China’s SILENT INVASION n he did call out on CHINA for COVID 19, HK n TAIWAN, UGHYURS n TIBET upfront. So, as of now he is addressing China’s threat as it is without sugar coating it n now we will all have tp wait n watch how things unfolds slowly . Let time reveal itself . Tibetans have suffered worst decision by the world leaders of the past before due tp which CHINA BECAME SUCH A POWERFUL MEMBER OF INTERNATIONAL ORGS LIKE UNSC, WTO, UNHRC, UNO, WTO , OLYMPIC ENUFF TO MANIPULATE N BULLDOZE ALL OTHERS IN IT.

    1. To quote Bob Dylan’s “Murder Most Foul”
      Let me know when you decide to throw in the towel

      And not to be out-down from Simply Red’s “Mountains of Burma”
      We feed an economy, that’s got blood on it’s hands

      Same cycle as before, just window dressed differently from Kipling’s “Road to Mandalay”
      For the wind is in the palm-trees, and the temple-bells they say

  3. Much more concerning is what is covered in the end of that chapter in which warmonger discusses Nikki Haley. And besides, many in the Indian government have their own bone to pick with Sikhs. Anyone who has lived under or is aware of centuries of British Colonialism surely sees an issue with anglicizing their name, Nimrata Randhawa? She certainly isn’t the only one to do so. Seems to reach pandemic levels in the south. Does Piyush and Bobby sound anything alike? Maybe they are using alien phonetics. Ask Suu Kyi what she thinks.

  4. Warmonger Bolton got fired (for leaking information, claims Sec. Pompeo) so he has a bone to pick with the POTUS. I would be cautious of his narrative. Although President Trump does tend to put his foot in his mouth at times, which obviously hurts his appeal.

    However, deeds must be more important than words. Under the Trump Administration, there have been unprecedented push against China undermining not only the United States, but the whole world. These are well documented and continuing which a modicum of research will quickly enlighten.

    Regarding Tibet under the Trump Adm. we saw the passage of Tibet Policy and Support Act, Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act….. another bill introduced, titled; “To authorize the President to recognize the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China as a separate, independent country, and for other purposes.” It’s not a stretch to think that more bills will be introduced touching Tibet if Trump wins a 2nd term.

    His Holiness has said nothing good about Trump from day one, which is quite unfortunate. I suspect His Holiness is unduly influenced by the neo liberal mainstream media with their globalist agenda and identity politics, who to this day, have not recognized Trump as the President of the United States. Then there are the western academia and intelligentsia, who His Holiness is always willing to give a ready ear to, many of them are heavily dependent on China money and share with the CCP the same globalist sentiment of Business before people.

    1. Well said though his holiness comments on Trump were not intentionally To hurt him It’s just very generalized regarding the facts he can learn from mistakes to America a better place. So far trump is best President against China.

    2. Mimsy says it all, and so very clearly. Love the Dalai Lama, but fear his coziness with all the rabid liberal institutions has turned his heart against Mr. Trump without even meeting him. Such a pity.

    3. I echo your thoughts here. Actions speak louder than words. This narrative stemmed from Bolton’s personal grudge, political agenda, and to sell this book, is not to be taken seriously.

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