International call for probe into origin of Covid-19, China irate

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China's President Xi Jinping irked (Photo credit THOMAS PETER/AFP/Getty Images)
China's President Xi Jinping irked (Photo credit THOMAS PETER/AFP/Getty Images)

By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, May 18: More than 60 nations have joined in support for an “impartial, independent and comprehensive” probe into the “zoonotic source” of the Covid-19 and its spread towards becoming a pandemic, ahead of the ongoing 73rd session of the World Health Assembly held in Geneva (May 18-19).

The draft supported by nations including Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, the UK, Russia, Canada, Turkey and India among others, have called for an inquiry under the leadership of the World Health Organisation.

The draft motion stated it, “requests the Director General to … identify the zoonotic source of the virus and the route of introduction to the human population, including the possible role of intermediate hosts, including through efforts such as scientific and collaborative field missions, which will enable targeted interventions and a research agenda to reduce the risk of similar events.”

The motion supported by many including all BRICS members except China is set to ruffle diplomatic ties between Beijing and other nations in the sub-continent. China has already flexed its muscles in the South China Sea sinking a Vietnamese vessel, engaged in scuffles along the borders with India (Tibet) as well as issuing veiled threat of economic repercussions with few nations, ahead of the WHO assembly.

The draft, however, does not mention China or Wuhan where it was first detected, leading to many suggesting that Beijing’s tactics have managed to bring a favourable outcome going forward. Rajesh Rajagopalan
Professor of International Politics, JNU told The Print, “This is a very watered-down resolution, which neither names China nor does it call for a probe into the geographic origin of the coronavirus. The draft resolution merely seeks an evaluation of the international response to the pandemic.

“Unsurprisingly, it seems China has managed to browbeat various member-states into coming up with a resolution for an investigation which may end up blaming other countries for their poor response to the Covid-19 outbreak, thus holding China’s totalitarian model as a success story.”










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    In this particular case, it would seem a simple virus has managed to hold large swaths of humanity hostage to taking a larger chunk of the proverbial pie that is global existence. Something to think about. Would this make this virus “sentient”? The jungles and permafrost hold a whole array of organisms that we have no knowledge about.

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