CTA allocates 3.3 crore rupees for Covid-19 relief and precaution efforts

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SARD Director Kaydor Aukatsang (photo-CTA)
SARD Director Kaydor Aukatsang (photo-CTA)

By Tenzin Dharpo

DHARAMSHALA, May 15: The exile Tibetan government known officially as the Central Tibetan Administration on Thursday announced it has allotted a sum of 3.3 crore (33 million) rupees for what it called ‘COVID-19 programs’ that will benefit Tibetan communities in India and Nepal.

The President of the CTA Dr. Lobsang Sangay during a live cast said that the funding has been procured from the United States Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), a long-term donor of the Tibetan refugee community in South Asia.

His aide Kaydor Aukatsang, Chief Resilience Officer and Director of SARD, an organisation within the CTA that handles profiles related to mobilizing resources and supporting development efforts of exile Tibetans in the sub-continent said, “We are grateful to PRM for making the emergency funding available. While the pandemic poses a huge health risk, it has also placed some of the most vulnerable Tibetans – elders and destitute – at great risk. The CTA leadership has through this package taken care of the immediate healthcare needs and also provided protection to our most vulnerable.”

Activities in India has been allotted more than 2 crore rupees while activities in Nepal has been allotted more than 1 crore rupees. Bhutan where there are few Tibetan settlements was not mentioned in regards to the particular fund.

The funds will be used to hire additional healthcare workers on a temporary basis and procuring medical supplies for Covid-specific facilities and quarantine centres. Also, elderlies who are under the care of CTA, destitute and underprivileged students will be provided food rations and stipends, the President announced yesterday.

The Finance wing of the CTA also announced that Tibetan sweater sellers in ‘Green zone’ will be provided zero-interest loan scheme, although the Finance Minister Karma Yeshi cautioned Tibetan Business community in prioritising safety over finance during the pandemic.Tibetan sweater sellers go to business during the winter when the cold sets in the Indian plains.

India’s nationwide lockdown has helped considerably in flattening the curve of the pandemic so far although the lax on restrictions is threatening rise in cases in the country of 1.3 billion people. As of Friday, the number of infected crossed the 80 thousand mark while the death toll stood at 2,649.






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  1. It’s good to know that CTA has allowed Rs. 3.3 crore for Covid19 program. We see that some of the Mentseekhang clinics in major Indian cities and some private clinics are still seeing the patients with no help, no PPE and other essential things like standard Face mask, hand gloves, sanitising agents etc. Tibetan medicine though very popular with effective medicines and preventive measures do not seem to have Govt initiative proper research plan and adequate grants from CTA Covid money. I think CTA should encourage proper research and effective service of Tibetan Medicine in this humanity health crisis .

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