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Sikyong advises caution to the public, curbs CTA attendance by 50%

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Sikyong advises caution to the public, curbs CTA attendance by 50%

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, MAR 23: The President of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) addressed a press conference this morning advising caution to the Tibetan public as the outbreak reaches Kangra district. CTA administration has decided to cut down 50% of employee attendance due to the emergent situation. “The guidelines by local and central governments should be duly exercised by the residents of Dharamshala,” he further added.

The president stressed on the need for “social distancing” in our community to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. All the office buildings were cleaned diligently on Wed-Thur. The 50% cut down of the employees working across the Tibetan administration will be cut down in the near future if the need arises (from 40-30%). “As India is reaching the Phase 3 of the virus outbreak, there is a risk of the disease spreading in a shared community where especially the old and the diseased will be at their most vulnerable,” he pointed out.

Sikyong responded on the preparedness of the administration vis-a-vis any infected individual in the community, “The Heath Department of CTA has a task force in action which will look after the concerned cases in our community. . . Health Kalon, Doctor Tseten, and Amchi Tamdin will head the respective task force.” He advised the general public to visit Delek hospital if any symptoms show up, and to maintain a distance in order to curb the spread.

The health department is procuring the available equipment for coronavirus check-up protocol for their employees coming to work. “There are 10-12 rooms made available at the Tibetan Reception Centre for employees if in need of any quarantine space,” he added. The administration has also put up the contact numbers of all the concerned departments of CTA, advising the public to contact the offices for “seamless communication” with the public.


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  1. The attendance should be cut by 100% and go online as well as make public announcements for social distancing. and help the local hospitals to expand and equip to meet the demand that will be there.

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