Tibetan schools seek exemption from mandatory teaching of Kannada

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Image representational- The Hindu

By Choekyi Lhamo

DHARAMSHALA, FEB 18: Tibetan schools situated in Karnataka seek exemption from teaching Kannada as the first or second language which is mandatory for all schools in the state, reports The Hindu. As per the Kannada Language learning Act, it is mandatory for all schools to teach Kannada since it came into effect from the 2017-18 academic year.

There are over 12 Tibetan schools in Karnataka which are affiliated to the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), mostly located near Madikeri. The Education Minister of Tibetan Parliament in Exile (TPiE) met with the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, S. Suresh Kumar, earlier this month to request the exemption from the Act.

Mr. Kumar assured the concerned authorities that they will be looking at various provisions of the Act. “At the meeting, representatives from Tibetan schools in Karnataka and the Education Minister of Tibet pointed out that that it would be difficult for them to implement the Act because they have to teach Tibetan as the first language,” an official said.

However, an official from the department said that the schools have informed the Minister that the Kannada language can be taught from the sixth class. A representative of the Tibetan schools hopes that the government would consider Tibetans an exception to this case. “Even for international schools in the State, we have made Kannada mandatory. It is a decision that needs to be taken by the government and we will follow their order,” said a senior official of the department.

4 Responses

  1. They live and cosume the resources of karnataka still want exception feom leaning kannada..it doesn’t look fair. They are living here for so many years now. They should have voluntarily learned kannada.

  2. If those students are citizens of India and are studying in any Indian state, it is fair that they should learn the language of the state.

    If these students are not Indian citizens, then the local language learning could be optional for them.

  3. To learn a new language is , entering in to new world.Buddha, himself is a multi linguist. Karnatak state openly welcomed and given all facilities.
    venerable, Dalai lama avaru must ask Tibetan Buddhist to learnt Kannada language.It is one of sweet and scientifically
    proven perfect language among world lg.family.”it’s never too late, for a new beginning in your life” BUDDHA

  4. Such schools may be facing some problems with teaching Kannada in their schools. So, Instead of saying yes or no to grant exemption, we need to sit with them and try understand their difficulties and then try to design a different but interesting course for them. Here teachers’ role to impart such their curriculum. So, we may need to prepare Kannada teachers who are very efficient, dedicated and who have love for teaching … This all require not just administrative decision, it really require real educational efforts.

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