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EU leader expresses support for Middle Way policy

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By Phuntsok Yangchen

DHARAMSHALA, March 10: President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Henri Malosse, has expressed his support for the exile Tibetan government’s policy of Middle Way Approach to resolve the long-standing issue of Tibet with China.

“Middle Way means to develop, to ask for more autonomy for Tibet not just because it’s pragmatic approach, but also because it is a realist pragmatic approach,” said Malosse at a press conference following the official ceremony of March 10, at Tsug-la Khang.

A delegation of seven members of European Economic and Social Committee led by Malosse visited here to express their solidarity with Tibetan people. They also participated in the official commemoration of the 55th Tibetan national uprising day here at the Tsuglakhang courtyard earlier today.

“I have decided to come here, because beyond the case of Tibet, it is universal question of freedom, dignity, liberty of nations. Tibetan nation has been deprived of its dignity and freedom for a long time,” added Malosse.

He also noted that the European Union would soon, like the United States, appoint an EU special coordinator of Tibet.

He also said that the Chinese Ambassador to the European Union warned him not to “interfere in China’s internal affairs” and was offered an invitation to visit Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet.

Tibetan Prime Minister Dr. Lobsang Sangay thanked Malosse for his support for Tibet and Tibetan people and said, “In your position as the president of the European Economic and Social Committee and to partake in the 55th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day sends a strong message to the international community that freedom is universal and it sends a message of hope to the Tibetans inside Tibet that we have friends around the world who hear them and support them as well.”

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