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Dharamshala celebrates Lhakar in a unique arts fusion

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DHARAMSHALA, November 7: Hundreds of Tibetans and supporters yesterday attended a unique evening on Lhakar (White Wednesday) featuring live painting, poetry reading and singing. The unique concept of a fusion arts performance was participated by Loten Namling, Switzerland based Tibetan singer and activist; Bhuchung D Sonam, poet and writer; Karma Sichoe, Thangka and contemporary painter; artists from Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts and Thangthong Lugar.

Lhakar, a Tibetan word that literally translates into “White Wednesday” – is considered special by Tibetans as His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s soul day as per the Tibetan astrology.

The Lhakar movement is a homegrown Tibetan people’s campaign that initially took root in Tibet following the 2008 mass uprisings which was brutally suppressed by Beijing.

The self-reliant movement embraces the power of strategic nonviolent resistance; mobilizing Tibetans around the idea of protecting Tibetan identity by making special effort to wear traditional clothes, speak Tibetan, eat in Tibetan restaurants and buy from Tibetan-owned businesses.

“After the 2008 Tibetan Uprising in Tibet which cost a huge loss of life and imprisonment, Tibetans in Tibet fashioned Lhakar as a way to empower Tibetan population to find strength in their cultural roots especially among the youth,” said writer and activist Tenzin Tsundue.

“What started as speak Tibetan, eat Tibetan, wear Tibetan movement has transformed into buying Tibetan and not patronizing Chinese shops- a Tibetan home grown ‘swadeshi movement’”.

The event was organized by Dharamshala regional chapter of Tibetan Youth Congress. The event also showcased Tibetan traditional costumes from various regions of Tibet.

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