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Tibetans in Chentsa refuse to raise the Chinese flag

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DHARAMSHALA, October 16: Days after Chinese crackdown on Tibetans in Driru over refusal to hoist Chinese flag Tibetans in Chentsa also defied Chinese authorities’ order to fly the red flag.

Fifteen families out of around 300 households in the area have however been compelled to follow the orders.

“I don’t know when the rest of our homes will be forced to put up with this. As for myself, I will never raise the flag, even if it means my death,” RFA quoted a Tibetan as saying.

After Tibetans in Driru defied Chinese authorities’ order to raise the Chinese national flag atop their houses, around 18000 Chinese government officials and security forces arrived in Driru from Nagchu County and other areas in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Four Tibetans, three from Sengthang village and one from Tinring village, died after armed Chinese police fired indiscriminately into the crowd on October 8, the RFA reported citing a source. However, it could not be verified.

Chinese armed forces opened fire and used tear gas on Tibetans gathered at local government office leaving at least 60 people injured on October 6.

The authorities are strictly monitoring all movements in and out of the area intercepting all communication lines, making it difficult to acquire the details about incidents in Driru.

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