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French responds to Tibet’s cry of help

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A report by Tenam

Paris 18 March: As France’s Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner called on the European Union to consider boycotting the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics if violence continues in Tibet, a group of French MPs went to the Chinese Embassy in Paris to demand visa for Tibet.

Deputy Lionnel Luca, Patrick Bloche, mayor-elect of the 11th district of Paris and few other deputies from the Tibet Information group at the French parliament, cheered by Tibetans and Tibet supporters submitted their application for a visa to China and Tibet.

“Even if we have to wait, we will do our best to visit Tibet and see the situation for ourselves,” said Deputy Luca.

Earlier this week, His Holiness had called on an international probe into the current situation in Tibet.

In response to the escalating deaths in Tibet the presenters of French TV Canal plus and M6, wore T-Shirts with the words “Free Tibet” and “I Love Tibet”, during the morning news hour. To the question “Should the Beijing Olympics be boycotted in lieu of repression in Tibet?” an overwhelming 85% of the people said “Oui” or “Yes” according to M6’s website.

Lionel Luca said that the Chinese Ambassador was not available so he submitted his visa request and the Chinese authorities assured a study of the application.

There are signature campaigns also doing round in France asking for people for their support for Tibetans in Tibet.

Tibetans and Tibet supporters held a brief but noisy protest outside the embassy later today. The Tibetan community has appealed to all Tibetan supporters to join a candle-light vigil at the Place Trocadero in front of the Eiffel Tower this Friday.

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