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TYC Activists Storm Chinese Embassy

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New Delhi, March 17 – TYC activists stormed the Chinese Embassy and shouted anti-China slogans. Activists told the Chinese official staffs inside to take immediate action to stop the ongoing violent acts in Tibet. The police immediately tried to stop the protest and restrain the protestors. However, the activists were so committed in their resolve that it took a long time to end the demonstration even though there were more than a thousand police for the security of the Chinese embassy. The activists were successful in hoisting the Tibetan flag on a high pole near the Chinese Embassy. All the 70 activists of TYC were detained at Chanakya Puri Police Station. They are steadfast in their determination to keep the movement alive even in Jail and have decided to go on a Hunger Strike.

More than a 100 activists of the Tibetan Youth Congress gathered in front of the United Nation Information Centre, New Delhi, for a protest demonstration and to make an appeal to the UN for immediate action against China for the brutal killings of innocent Tibetans in Tibet. The demonstrations went on for a long time.

After continued protests in front of the centre, the Chief Secretary of India and Bhutan United Nation invited Tenzin Norsang, Joint Secretary of TYC in his office and discussed the issue of Tibet’s independence and the recent turmoil in Tibet. Norsang then submitted a memorandum to the United Nation and the Chief Secretary made a promise that he would send the manifesto to the central office and take immediate action. On request from the UN office the demonstration was stopped. The protestors were taken to Tulak Police station and released without any charge.

At the same time, more than 800 Tibetans gathered at Jantar Mantar to pay solidarity to the brave Tibetans who were killed mercilessly in Tibet. The demonstrators burned many Chinese flags in anger and shouted anti-China slogans and to make clear their commitment towards the cause.

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