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Hundreds of Tibetan devotees protest in Amdo Golog

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7 March 2008: (6 PM Beijing Time) Around hundreds of Tibetan devotees gathered for a religious teaching by their revered religious teacher when suddenly the security police forced the religious teaching to discontinue much against the wishes of the Tibetan devotees in Amdo Golog, according to the confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD).

Multiple sources within Tibet confirmed that, around 200 Tibetan devotees consist of lay and clergy were receiving a religious sermon from a local religious teacher, Trulku Tenzin Pai Wangchuk in Chigdril County (Ch: Juizhi Xian), Golog “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” (“TAP”), Qinghai Province this afternoon were disrupted suddenly with the Chinese security personnel demanding immediate stoppage of the religious sermon leading local Tibetans to protest. In a short duration, the Chinese security personnel surrounded and blocked the Tibetan protestors. The situation on the ground was tense when the information last came in.

Meanwhile in a similar incident, around the evening of 17 March 2008, the monks and lay people of Minthang Monastery were also on a protest demonstration in Chigdril County (Ch: Juizhi Xian), Golog, Qinghai Province. According to the source, about hundreds of Tibetan protestors proceeded to a nearby local police station located two kilometers from Minthang Monastery. The protestors were shouting pro-independence slogans when the information last came in.

In a separate incident this evening, hundreds of monks and ordinary people of Lungkar Monastery Chigdril County, Golog “TAP” were observing candlelight vigil, expressing their solidarity with the Tibetan protestors in various parts of the Tibet. The Chinese security personnel were keeping a close eye on all of the demonstrations and situation was tense at the moment.

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