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Central Tibetan Administration sends “Urgent Appeal” to international community

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Urgent Appeal

Since 10th March 2008 there has been successive peaceful demonstrations in various parts of Tibet (inside and outside TAR), which were brutally suppressed.

The current situation in Tibet is extremely serious. The Chinese government’s ultimatum is due to expire at mid-night today. Therefore, we are extremely concerned that there is every possibility of a huge massacre of Tibetans taking place after the ultimatum.

The Central Tibetan Administration urgently appeal to the international community including the United Nations, governments, parliaments, Human Rights groups and Tibet Support groups to effectively urge the Chinese leadership to immediately stop repression and to release all those who have been detained, and to provide immediate medical care to all those who have been injured.

We particularly urge the United Nations Human Rights Council to immediately send a fact-finding delegation to all the affected areas in Tibet to prevent further deteriorations of the critical situation.


17th March 2008

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