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Heart-to-heart with Miss Tibet 2006

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By Tenzin Dickyi
New Delhi

When we went for a motorcade I carried our flag and went by waving in the air. And am proud to represent my country. says the reigning Miss Tibet who feels proud and satisfied for what she has done.

Miss Tibet 2006, 21-year old Tsering Chungtak recently came back from her first International pageant (Miss Earth) which was held in Philippines this November. Representatives from about 70-80 countries around the globe participated in the pageant and Miss Tibet was one of them. This is the first time Miss Tibet had an opportunity to take part in such International event despite the phobia from continous Chinese pressure which was seen earlier.

Among other beautiful and dazzling girls, Miss Tibet stood tall and polite leaving no stone unturned to raise high the story of Tibet. Making her way up to the top 15 in the talent round, she was proud and happy about the little height and triumph she had achieved. Indeed a life time experience for Miss Tibet and phayul could not keep away from having a little conversation with this young Beauty Queen.

First of all tell us something about yourself?

Well,whatever I do in my life,I give cent% from my side and rest depends on my karma. I am always positive in my approach. I do the right thing at the right time. Am ambitious too and I believe in hard work. Besides that I like music, singing dancing and reading good books.

Why did you participate in the Miss Tibet pageant? For fun, for fame
or for money?

I found Miss Tibet pageant a very good platform for the young Tibetan women to express, to learn, to experience and to move shoulder to shoulder with the other women of the world. We all have the potential but the only thing we need is an opportunity. And when we are getting an opportunity we must grap it. That’s
why I participated in Miss Tibet Pageant. I didn’t participate for fun, fame or money. Fun, fame and money is not important for me because these are for short terms but what counts is that whatever you do in life, gives you satisfaction within and you are happy with it.

How was your support from your parents?

My parents, brothers and sister are my biggest strength. They know that i do the right thing in my life so they are always there for me. They are my source of inspiration.

What counts more for you, Beauty or Brain?

Well, I think brain is a part of beauty. And for me , beauty is not only about your outer looks. Beauty comes from within. One is beautiful when he/she has the inner qualities i.e the basic human qualities along wisdom and understanding. That’s why I think brain is a part of beauty.

How has the experience of being a beauty queen so far?

Learning is a life long process. We learn from our day to day life and ofcourse we learm from our experience too. After crowning Miss Tibet I feel more responsible. And I work more hard to achieve my goal.

Tibetan Prime Minister Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche has disapproved of
fashion and beauty shows. What’s your view?

Well, everyone has their own viewpoints. And there’s no such thing which is right or wrong because it depends on how we perceive it. So, I have no comments on this as such. But I would like to say that I have a deep respect for Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche. Rinpoche is a learned one.

Were you excited before going for the Miss Earth in Philippines?
What extra preparations you did?

Yes, I was glad ro get such a wonderful opportunity because we get such opportunity once in a life time. And it’s a very good experience too. We get to know so many things and it is also a part of education. Regarding the preparation, I believe that whatever we do in our day to day life is counted. We can’t prepare fully in a day or two …what matters is what we do in our daily life. We move ahead step by step, we grow each day and learn something new. And that is how we prepare in life.

How were you able to raise the Tibet issue at the contest?

Firstly, this is the first time Miss Tibet participating in Miss Earth pageant. And the most important thing is creating awareness about Tibet. I noticed lots of people are curious to know about Tibet and they even told me that they want to visit Tibet. I am successful in creating more awareness about Tibet and its Culture. I was very touched to see our national flag being waved by the people over there. Even when we went for a motorcade I carried our flag and went by waving in the air. And am proud to represent my country.

How did you deal with the other contestants at the pageant specially with the
representative from China?

Well, the other contestants are good and friendly. And with some we turned out to be good friends. And Miss China is a very sweet and nice girl. We are friendly with each other.

Tell us one thing that has changed in you after you became Miss
Tibet 2006?

As a person, am always the same because I think no matter who you are, what you are, you should always have the basic human qualities.

What message do you have for the Tibetan youths at this stage?

Well, as we all know that Education is very important and is our weapon, we must be focused on our goal. So one should go ahead in life and should be more responsible. We must never lose our inner qualities. We all have the potential .So keeping this in mind we need to strive hard to achieve our goal. Hard work is always rewarded. Finally, I wish good luck and success to all.

Miss Tibet 2006, Tsering Chungdak is currently continuing with her studies at Delhi University.

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