Work on highest rail line in crucial phase

Construction of the world’s highest railway line, the Qinghai-Tibet railway has entered a crucial period, the state media reported today. “Given most of the year’s construction work would be done at an elevation of more than 4,500 meters

Dalai Lama renews peace efforts

Following the recent change of leadership in China, Tibet’s spiritual leader is optimistic about gaining autonomy for his country. The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader and Nobel laureate, the Dalai Lama, is once again waving an olive branch to the Chinese leadership.

Tibetan welcomed by World’s Northern-most University

An introductory lecture on the “Tibetan Community in Exile” by Mr. Tsering Tashi of the Office of Tibet, London, and the screening of Micky Lemle’s documentary film, “Compassion in Exile” marked the conclusion yesterday of the International

Letter to WTN

Dear WTN editors, In January this year, a story was sent out on WTN about two Tibetan teenagers ( a thirteen year old girl and a fifteen year old boy) and their traveling companion being arrested in Nepal for not having travel documents.

The impact of nomad settlement policies in Tibet

The imposition of Chinese urban and industrial models on traditional modes of production amongst TibetĀ¹s nomads is leading to increasing poverty and contributing to grassland degradation, according to the findings of recent surveys of

Rebellion and Repression in Tibet

On January 26, 2003, in Sichuan province, China executed Lobsang Dondrup, a Tibetan political prisoner, on allegations of having been involved in bombings aimed at supporting Tibetan independence.