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SFT Calgary placed a banner on the Chinese Consulate

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At 9am, 2 members of SFT Calgary gained access to the roof of the Chinese Consulate in Calgary and dropped a huge (10feet by 12 feet long!) banner off the front which read: CHINA FAILED, TIBET LIVES!

A number of SFT members and Tibet supporters gathered outside cheering, handing out flyers protesting the execution of Lobsang Dhondup and the death sentence of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche. They also delivered a letter demanding the release of all political prisoners in the Kham region of Tibet to a bewildered Chinese consulate staff member. Outside an undercover police officer confronted one of our members demanding to know who was responsible for the banner drop. When no information was forthcoming, he expressed his support for the action: “I’m all for the cause of Tibet”.

A construction worker, at first a little confused, also voiced his support of the action. We quickly dispersed as more police showed up and as we drove by 20 minutes later our banner was still up with two police cars trying to figure out how to get it down! A little nerve wracking but so worth it. We hope that everyone’s actions went ok today and that this has given people energy to continue in the struggle.


SFT Calgary, Canada.

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