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Mobile exhibition to be carried out by Tibet Museum

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Dharamsala, March 24 – From March 25 to April 24 2003, The Tibet Museum, Department of Information and International Relations, is organising a photo exhibition detailing contemporary Tibetan political history at southern Tibetan settlements Bylakupee, Hunsur, Kollegal, Mundgod and Bangalore City. Entitled “A long Look Homeward“.

This dramatic show of photographs, detailed narrative texts, and video clippings is a journey through Tibet’s history, as narrated by eleven members of the Tibetan community in Exile who will also act as the exhibition’s curators. The fabric of symbols, visuals and narratives found in ‘A Long Look Homeward’ weave together a collective consciousness of memory and hope.

The exhibition will take the visitors through Tibet as it was during the Chinese invasion, the resistance movement and the arduous escape of thousands of Tibetans from their homeland. The exhibition will also display the present day realities of Tibet: the abuse of human rights and the effects of sinicization.

The purpose of this exhibition is to make Tibetan community more aware of their history and culture, especially among the younger generations who are born outside Tibet. It is also aimed at strengthening the Tibetan spirit and collective pride through its presentations and publication on Tibet’s rich history and culture, the struggle for Tibet and hopes for its future.

In the past, the Tibet Museum has reached out to Indian communities in Bodh Gaya (Bihar), Auroville (Pondicherry), Delhi and Palampur, attracting more than 25, 000 visitors. Travelling exhibits of the Tibet Museum have also appeared in Australia and the United States. The future promises an even greater international audience. Plans to visit all the Tibetan settlements and Schools are currently being worked out.

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