Tibet supporters march for independence

Promoting a message of independence through non-violence, three Indiana based Tibet support groups are coordinating a “March for Tibet’s Independence” from Bloomington to Indianapolis.

EU urged to call for enquiry into execution of Tibetan

Free Tibet Campaign, as part of the International Tibet Support Network (ITSN) – a global coalition of more than 120 Tibet organisations worldwide – has called on the Greek Foreign Minister Mr Georgios Papandreou to raise the cases of Lobsang Dhondup

TV Documentary on Restoration of Monastery in Mustang

PBS is broadcasting the story of the restoration of an ancient Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Mustang (a kingdom within Nepal bordering Tibet) on February 18, 2003. The documentary, Lost Treasures of Tibet, produced by Nova

Tibetan monks coming to Klamath

A chance meeting will result in a series of weekend “chants” meetings. Last summer, Coralee Whitsett, who raises yaks and is promoting a Tibetan Conservancy for Nomadic Culture & Yak, was displaying her animals at a Tibetan festival.

Tibetan monks coming to Klamath

Tibetan monks of Gaden Shartse will be in Klamath Falls Friday through Sunday for a series of programs at Oregon Institute of Technology and other Klamath Falls sites.