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Attack on Karmapa aborted

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Gaya, January 6 – A youth trying to lob stones at the 17th Karmapa while he was on his way to perform prayers was nabbed by police before he could harm the spiritual leader of the Tibetans.

Police said they picked up the youth when they found him throwing stones at the Karmapa who was proceeding to perform a religious rite at the Mahabodhi temple inside the Bodh Gaya complex here.

However, prompt and timely action by alert securitymen prevented the youth from inflicting any harm on the religious leader, considered second in the hierarchy of Tibetan Lamas.

The youth is apparently insane, police said.

The Karmapa arrived here late last evening in connection with supervising the arrangements for Kalcharka puja, slated for January 11-19 which would be performed by spiritual head of the Buddhists, the Dalai Lama.

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