His Holiness addresses the 14th Tibetan Religious Conference
Phayul[Friday, November 29, 2019 22:53]
By Choekyi Lhamo

His Holiness has a light moment/Phayul Photo: Kunsang Gashon
His Holiness has a light moment/Phayul Photo: Kunsang Gashon
DHARAMSHALA, NOV 29: His Holiness the Dalai Lama expressed his appreciation to the participants of the 14th Tibetan Religious Conference at the newly built T- building for taking initiative to discuss about his reincarnation. Since the meeting was largely about the Tibetan leader’s reincarnation, there was an expectation that he might speak about it. However, the Tibetan leader did not speak about his reincarnation in his entire speech.

The three-day conference had 117 monks and nuns from different regions and sects including many prominent religious leaders residing in India. Many representatives from the Himalayan region, Rinpoches of major Buddhist institutes in exile, and representatives of Tibetan nunneries were also in attendance.

The Tibetan spiritual leader laid down the foundations by speaking about the legacy of Chenrezig or Avalokitesvara and the Tibetan people by telling historical stories about them.

Phayul Photo: Kunsang Gashon
Phayul Photo: Kunsang Gashon
Many Tibetan Buddhist monasteries from the Himalayan regions of India also took part in the conference as many representatives from different sects and regions were invited. His Holiness discussed the widespread influence of Tibetans Buddhism across India from Ladakh to Mon Tawang. He said he sees exile as a possibility of change where a new beginning is already in the making. “The flourishing Buddhist teachings in India create a space for academic discussions through reason and not only by faith. The scientific approach of the Nalanda tradition has made significant changes in the relationship of India and Tibet.”

Before closing his speech, His Holiness referred to India in his old guru-chela story by saying, “We are very reliable chelas of Indian masters.” This age-old teacher and student relationship reflects the traditional ties between these two countries. He earlier described India as a place of learning and growth where Buddha himself allowed his followers to question his teachings.

Kalon Karma Gelek Yuthok expressed his gratitude towards His Holiness for his assurance of being healthy enough and that there was no need to worry. In his concluding speech, he summarized the important points that His Holiness discussed wherein the recent self-immolation in Ngaba in Tibet was also briefly discussed. The head of the department read out the details of the recent self-immolation of a young 24 year-old Tibetan man named Yonten and sent their prayers for him and his family. The young man becomes the 154th self-immolator, according to the official records of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA).