Dalai Lama concludes three-day 'Heart Sutra' teaching for Koreans
Phayul[Wednesday, November 06, 2019 21:21]
By Choekyi Lhamo

Nov. 6, 2019: Phayul Photo: Kunsang Gashon
Nov. 6, 2019: Phayul Photo: Kunsang Gashon
DHARAMSHALA, NOV. 6: The three-day ‘Heart-Sutra’ (Sherab Nyingpo) teaching requested by Korean group concluded today. The offficial website of His Holiness the Dalai Lama reported that more than 6000 people attended the teaching in which 2000 had come from 60 countries around the world.

Also present were local residents of Dharamshala along with tourists from across the world. His Holiness was welcomed with Thai monks reciting the Mangala Sutta in Pali followed by Korean monks chanting the ‘Heart Sutra’ in Korean on the opening day.

On the first day, His Holiness spoke about the values of Buddhism and how it appreciates the function of the mind. He stated that in Indian ancient tradition, the mind was explained in detail, and moreover, he made clear that this knowledge needs to be examined in an academic, secular context. He initiated the teaching by explaining that the Sherab Nyingpo is both simple and difficult. He explained that the Buddha gave three rounds of teaching referred to as the wheel of Dharma and that the Heart Sutra is also known to be perfection in wisdom in 25 stanzas.

On the second day, he started with a general overview of Buddhism and proffered the Four Noble Truths. Holiness expressed criticism to the custom of reciting the ‘Heart Sutra’ without understanding as he emphasized, “in any case, the principle obstacles are within us and that to overcome them we have to study and practice.”

On the last day of the teaching, His Holiness addressed the monks from the Theravada tradition and Korean Dharma brothers and sisters by welcoming them in the devotion to Buddha. “All of us are followers of the same Gautama Buddha,” he said.

The teaching was devoted for generating the awakening mind of bodichitta, a practice he finds beneficial to observe several times a day. In the course of conducting the bodhichitta ceremony, His Holiness discussed the difference between the general structure of the Buddha’s teachings and the specialized instructions like tantra. At the end, he urged the members of the audience to encourage their friends to be warm-hearted too.