Protestors throng raising of the Chinese flag event at Boston City Hall
Phayul[Monday, September 30, 2019 23:29]
By Tenzin Sangmo

DHARAMSHALA, Sept. 30: A mixed group of protestors thronged the Boston City Hall on Sunday to object to the raising of the Chinese flag to mark the 70th founding anniversary of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on October 1.

Local Tibetans from the Boston area joined Uighurs, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, LGBTQ and supporters numbering close to 200 waving different flags and chanting “Free Tibet,” “Free Hong Kong,” “Free Uighur people”. They carried placards that call for the release of political prisoners under Chinese rule.

Also known as National Day, the Chinese flag has reportedly been raised within a few days of the anniversary for years now.

As nearly 300, mostly Chinese people started raising the flag, the protestors used loudspeakers to sing "Can you hear the people sing?" the song widely sung in the recent Hong Kong protests.

Not the song they wanted to hear as the Chinese flag was raised at Boston City Hall yesterday,” tweeted Lhadon Tethong, the director of Tibetan Action Institute (TIA), who was among the protestors and called it a great day of solidarity between Tibetans, Hong Kongers, Uyghurs, Taiwanese & Falun Gong.

Lhadon, who in June received the ‘Democracy Award’ from National Endowment for Democracy (NED) on behalf of Tibet Action Institute had said the governments in the free world have allowed the rights of Tibetans, Uyghurs, and countless others to be swept under the carpet for too long.

“It has never been more clear that this approach will not work with China, and it has never been more critical for like-minded governments to unite in bold action in solidarity with Tibetans and all others fighting for their rights and freedom.”