Case No. 20 wraps up hearing, verdict awaited
[Wednesday, August 21, 2019 20:55]
By Tenzin Sangmo

The 9th and last hearing of Case No. 20. PC-TSJC
The 9th and last hearing of Case No. 20. PC-TSJC
DHARAMSHALA, August 21: Case No. 20 wraps up its last hearing today at the Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission (TSJC) after two and a half months.

The hearing today covered the eighth and the last issue of “facts” that needed the Kashag to prove how the former representative exhibited trust deficit, underperformance and insubordination while the plaintiff needs to prove how the defendant’s varied clarifications undermined his sincerity, ability, and good conduct.

The plaintiff enumerated the course of events since his appointment as the Representative following the 2016 Sikyong election to his termination up until now, substantiating all points, major and minor, that “maligned his image.”

After the last argument, the Chief Justice Commissioner, in the conclusion statement said both parties in the case, in accordance with provisions of article 48 of Tibetan Civil Procedural Code, were accorded the opportunity to submit proofs, and argue out the eight issues of facts and two issues of law.

The commission will now revisit the proceedings of all the hearings from the recording and study again before coming to a decision which is expected to take some time.

Responding to why the Sikyong never attended a single hearing, he said Sikyong neither has the time nor the need to attend to such trivial issue while he is taking care of the larger cause of Tibet and enumerated his recent activities visiting England, Baroda, the second Five-Fifty Youth Forum and successfully getting the Tibetan flag hoisted the Bell of Peace parliament to permanently raise Tibet’s flag in its parliament as sign that he is busy.

He chose not to respond to the question of if the Kashag would meet the demand of the plaintiff in case of latter’s victory but admitted that the proceeding of the case was peaceful and orderly.

Plaintiff’s Lawyer Namgyal Tsekyi said the party is confident that they have proved 90% of the issues in the case. Responding to media’s question about how the case may affect the maintenance of public order, she said it is one’s basic right to go to court to seek justice and the public and Kashag alike has the responsibility to respect the verdict of the court.