Case no. 20 reviews if the plaintiff tried to dissuade the female Kalon nominee
Phayul[Wednesday, August 07, 2019 22:20]
By Tenzin Sangmo

Dhardon Sharling appears in Tibetan apex court as a prime witness
Dhardon Sharling appears in Tibetan apex court as a prime witness
DHARAMSHALA, August 7: The sixth hearing in case no. 20, a defamation case filed by Penpa Tsering, former Representative in Washington against Lobsang Sangay led 15th Kashag assessed if the plaintiff tried to dissuade Sharling Dhardon, a former Kalon (Cabinet Minister) nominee from working with Sangay.

The issue is part of the 7th of the eight issues framed in the case, listed 9th in the 10-point clarification issued by Kashag on the replacement of Penpa Tsering as the representative.

The point claims that the Penpa Tsering, at a CTA diplomacy training in July 2016 in Haryana, “tried hard to convince a female Kalon nominee against working with Sikyong stating that doing so would jeopardize the individual’s career.”

It also says making disparaging remarks about Sikyong, and Kashag had become a routine for the petitioner, not only in the DC area but in many places where he travelled.

It came to light that the plaintiff had submitted a formal application to the Tibetan apex court to have Sharling Dhardon disqualified but the court said as a prime witness, she must appear and be questioned before the court could determine her qualification as a witness.

Although the two parties made their opening statements and questioned Dhardon extensively, it couldn’t be followed by arguments today.

The plaintiff, in the afternoon, sought the disqualification of the prime witness again, citing the provisions of Article 15, 16, and 30 of the witness rules in the civil procedure codes that question the neutrality, temperament and conduct and conviction of the witness.

Responding to reporters after the hearing, the plaintiff said they had hoped in the morning that questioning of Dhardon and plaintiff’s witness Jigme Tsultrim in the court would clarify the issue.

“I was taken aback by her responses, which is beyond what I imagined, beyond my character, so we had to object to it.”

The defense lawyer said the disqualification of two of its three witnesses from New York harmed their case.

The court announced that Zachu Khawa Choezin and Dakyab Losang were disqualified based on their social media post that indicates partisan attitude. The third witness from New York, Gonpo Tsering, qualified to testify.

The defense lawyer appealed to the commission to allow four more witnesses in the court, but the request was rejected by the commission.