Tibetans to protest Liverpool FC’s Tibet Water deal on its EPL opening match
[Thursday, August 10, 2017 18:34]
By Tenzin Monlam

Liverpool FC's official with Tibet Water Resources Ltd signing the partnership. Photo- Liverpoolfc.com
Liverpool FC's official with Tibet Water Resources Ltd signing the partnership. Photo- Liverpoolfc.com
DHARAMSHALA, August 10: To raise awareness on Tibet’s water resources exploited by China and to urge the Liverpool Football Club not to fall into Chinese trap, the members of Tibetan Community in Britain will stage an awareness campaign at the club’s opening match of the English Premier League against Watford FC at Vicarage Road on August 12.

The members plan to distribute water bottles and leaflets to protest the club’s partnership with Tibet Water Resources Ltd (TWRL), a Chinese company known for commercially exploiting Tibet’s water resource. They will also urge the fans and players not to ‘fall into China's trap of exploiting Tibet’s resources’.

“The match is yet to begin and Liverpool has already conceded an own goal by dealing with a Chinese commercial company that exploits Tibet’s resources. The club must understand the sufferings and sentiments of Tibetan people. Partnering with TWRL is like endorsing the occupation of Tibet and agreeing with treatment of Tibetans by Chinese regime,” said Pema Lobsang, Chairman of Tibetan Community in Britain.

Reminding Liverpool FC, one of the biggest clubs in England and the world, of how China occupied Tibet by force and how Tibetans inside Tibet are facing the worst human rights abuse, the members of the community urged the club ‘not to trade human rights for commercial gain’ and to stop befriending blood-stained hands of Chinese companies.

The 18 times English Champions on July 25 announced the partnership declaring TWRL as their official regional water partner in China. The deal opens doorways for the company to access the club’s marketing and promotional rights, players and club legends as well.

According to the press release by Free Tibet, a London-based Tibet advocacy group, they have already received messages by Liverpool fans who are concerned that their football club is entering into such an unethical and unwise partnership.

The organization in its statement on July 27 said, “We urge Liverpool’s commercial department to see the damage that this deal could cause to Tibetans, and the risks it poses to the club’s reputation, and terminate this agreement.”