Bribe money offered to family of dead Tibetan youth
Phayul[Monday, December 22, 2014 18:36]
By Phuntsok Yangchen

DHARAMSHALA, December 22: The Chinese authorities in Takthak Township in Dharlak County, Golog, have offered a bribe money to a Tibetan family to keep under the wraps the death of a fellow family member.

A 22 year old Tibetan youth named Karmey was beaten to death by the Chinese authorities following a clash between the local Tibetans and the authorities over election for a local office earlier this month.

Karmey’s body was returned to his family members with a compensation of 10,000 Chinese Yuan (US $ 1,607). A settlement of another 70,000 Chinese Yuan (US $ 11,250) along with monthly payment of an undisclosed amount to Karmey’s parents was also promised during a meeting between Karmey’s family members and County authorities. The government has also promised to build a house for the family, said a source.

On December 7, a clash broke out between local Tibetans and Chinese authorities after Tibetans voted for a candidate of their choice instead of a candidate favored by the authorities for a local office.

The incident brings to light the Chinese authorities' practice of offering money to Tibetans for allegiance. In 2012, Chinese authorities offered a bribe of one million Chinese Yuan (US $ 158,599) to the family of a Tibetan self-immolator named Sangay Gyatso.

In 2013, Dolma Kyab, a husband of Tibetan self-immolator Kunchok Wangmo was sentenced to death for allegedly killing his wife after he rejected a bribe offer by the Chinese authorities to state that his wife self-immolated owing to family disputes and not in protest against China’s rule.

Another Tibetan named Bachen Gyalwa, also known as Ngawang Monlam, was killed by the Chinese authorities in Driru County. He was known by the locals as a well-respected man and someone who has pioneered several social works in the field of youth education, promotion of religion and culture, unity and harmony.