Another Ngaba monk arrested
Phayul[Thursday, April 21, 2011 16:31]
By Kalsang Rinchen

Dharamsala, April 21 – Chinese authorities in Tibet’s Ngaba County have arrested yet another Tibetan monk of Kirti monastery where Chinese work team officials have been stationed to carry out “Patriotic Reeducation Campaign,” said a source. Tsering, a 24-year-old monk of Ngaba Kirti monastery was arrested from the monastery a few days ago and his current whereabouts are not known.

The monks of Kirti monastery continue to be subjected to rigorous sessions of patriotic reeducation campaign by Chinese work team officials as hundreds of armed soldiers and police stand vigilant in and around the monastery.

Chinese work team officials accompanied by around 10 armed soldiers patrol the monks’ living quarters randomly asking questions to the monks who often were manhandled or beaten up, said the source. He said that some monks have even seen Chinese officials clandestinely planting microphone inside monks’ living quarters during rounds.

The monks of the monastery were warned against disclosing the proceedings of the Patriotic Reeducation Campaign to people outside the monastery. “They were threatened with strict action if they told about it even to their parents and family members,” he added.

In a move to depict the situation as being normal and "harmonious", the source said the Chinese authorities opened up the monastery’s locked temples containing prayer wheels that usually were spun by local Tibetan civilians cicumambulating the temples. “Since none turned up to spin the prayer wheels or circumambulate the temples, the authorities lured passersby with 30 Yuan each and took pictures of them spinning prayer wheels and doing rounds of the temples.”

Meanwhile, the same source said the Tibetans arrested in Ngaba County since March 16 are believed to have been taken to various detentions centres in nearby counties of Ngaba “Tibet Autonomous Prefecture”.