Police arrest 15 Tibetans in Nepal
Phayul[Tuesday, July 14, 2009 21:50]
photo: Lhuboom
photo: Lhuboom
Dharamsala, July 14 - Nepalese police have arrested 15 Tibetans including 2 women for anti China protests at the United Nation's office in Kathmandu today.

There were around 30 Tibetans with banners and Tibetan national flags at Pulchowk area where the United Nations office is located. Within minutes of the Tibetans' arrival at the UN office police surrounded them and tried to disperse them but the Tibetans refused to leave following which they were bundled into waiting police vans.

photo: Lhuboom
photo: Lhuboom
The Tibetans were demanding justice from the UN office for the Tibetans killed last year in the Chinese crackdown on protesters following the March uprising in the Tibetan capital that later spread across the Himalayan region. The Tibetans in the Nepalese capital have held 56 peaceful protests against China since March 2008 facing harsh treatment from the Nepalese government that came under strong criticism for its treatment of the Tibetan refugees.

"Free Tibet. Stop killings in Tibet. Wake up UN, investigate the killings," the protesters shouted outside the UN office.

Today's protest was organized by a group called New Age Network that pledges more such protests until an end to Chinese rule in Tibet. Sources say that new groups are deliberately formed as it has become extremely difficult for the major Tibetan NGOs like TYC and TWA to carry out anti China activities in Nepal with police zeroing it on the leaders and arrest them without charges.

Thousands of Tibetan refugees reside in Nepal, which is a transit for many who cross into India each year to see the Dalai Lama.

China claims Tibet as part of its territory, but many Tibetans say the Himalayan region was virtually independent for centuries until Chinese troops invaded in the 1950s.