London representative address Tibet photo exhibition in Polish Parliament
OoT, London[Saturday, April 04, 2009 10:06]
At the invitation of the Polish Parliamentary Group for Tibet, Mr. Tsering Tashi, the London-based Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressed a function Wednesday in the Polish Parliament where a Tibet Photo Exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of Tibetan national uprising against China’s occupation of Tibet was launched by Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Stefan Niesiołowski.

He said currently the Tibetans in Tibet were going through a very difficult time and this is why various governments in their dealing with China should give due importance to human lives and human rights over temporary economic gains. Representative Tsering Tashi thanked the Polish parliamentarians, government and people for their sympathy and continued support for the just Tibetan cause. Speaking from personal experience and encounters, he said more and more Chinese through better awareness and information were showing understanding for the plight of the Tibetan people, which was encouraging.

In his address, Deputy Speaker Niesiolowski said Poland because of its own experience of having lived under the totalitarian communist regime should support the Tibetan people’s struggle for autonomy, democracy and freedom.He said he himself was committed to supporting the just cause of Tibet and hoped the photo exhibition will generate more interest and support for the Tibetan aspiration.

In her introductory remarks, Mrs. Beata Bublewicz, Chairperson of the parliamentary group for Tibet, said the primary purpose of holding the photo exhibition in the parliament was to make the Polish MPs, staff members and others better aware of Tibetan culture and people and make them discuss the Tibet issue. The photos of mainly Tibetan landscape and people were taken by Mr. Artur Nosiadek, who gave credit for his interest in Tibet to a chance encounter with Sir Edmund Hillary of Mt.Everest fame.

After the formal launch of the exhibition, Mr. Artur Nosiadek, showed a slide show of his photos that was followed by an hour-long question and answer session with Representative Tsering Tashi. The questions raised by parliamentarians and invited guests ranged from the current status of Sino-Tibetan dialogue to the control over monasteries being exercised by the Chinese authorities in Tibet.

Besides addressing the main function in the Polish Parliament, Representative Tsering Tashi besides meeting with parliamentarians, members of Polish Tibet support groups and Tibetans also met with officials of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

report filed by Office of Tibet, London