Tibet protesters scale Golden Gate Bridge before torch run
AFP[Tuesday, April 08, 2008 01:09]
SAN FRANCISCO, April 7 — Three pro-Tibet demonstrators climbed cables on the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday to condemn China's government in advance of the Olympic torch's run through San Francisco.

The demonstrators unfurled a giant banner reading "One World, One Dream" and "Free Tibet 08", while at least one of the daredevil protesters could be seen carrying a Tibetan flag, television images showed.

Local media reported that four people had been arrested by California Highway Patrol while the three protesters remained suspended from the bridge.

Tourists snapped pictures of the protesters, who were apparently equipped with rock climbing gear to scale the iconic suspension bridge's cables.

The Golden Gate bridge shrouded in fog.
The Golden Gate bridge shrouded in fog.
"They are doing a really good job and nobody is stopping them," a bridge tour guide said as flocks of tourists snapped pictures of the protesters.

San Francisco is on tenterhooks ahead of the Olympic flame's procession through the city on Wednesday, which follows events in London and Paris severely disrupted by pro-Tibet protesters.

San Francisco police say an unprecedented security blanket will be in place for Wednesday's relay as they attempt to avoid a repeat of the chaotic scenes in Europe in the flame's only appearance on US soil.

Several hundred police officers are expected to line the streets for the appearance of the torch, which has been trailed by protesters since it was lit in Greece a week ago at the start of a 85,000-mile, 21-country journey.

A San Francisco Police Department spokesman said security for the relay would be noticeably tighter than previous appearances of the torch in the city in 1992 and 1996.