Burmese monks call for stop to violence in Tibet
Mizzima News[Wednesday, March 19, 2008 16:13]

Chiang Mai – The 'International Burmese Monks Association' called on the Chinese authorities yesterday to stop using violence against Tibetan monks and people who are staging protests in Tibet.

The Chinese authorities used force against Tibetan monks and Tibetan people who staged protests for freedom of religion and releasing of detained monks. The crackdown started since March 14 and brute force is being used against the protesters.

The statement of Burmese monks said they are concerned about the security of their fellow Tibetan monks, their freedom of expression and freedom of religion in Tibet.

The Thai based Burmese monks association Vice-Chairman Ashin Pyinyar Tharmi said, "The persecution unleashed by the Chinese authorities insults Buddhism. We demand that the Chinese government stop it. They beat up Tibetan abbots and monks, and imprisoned them. We cannot accept these things for any reason. Monks, irrespective whether they are from Tibet or Burma, do not want violence. The Sasana Moli vehemently protested against the violence used in Tibet".

Ashin Pyinyar Tharami said that raiding and sealing monasteries by the Chinese authorities in Tibet are identical to the activities by the Burmese junta in Burma.

Sasana Moli General Secretary Ashin U Ottara said, "The Chinese and Burmese governments are waging a holy war. We'd like to appeal to the world family to help us in stopping this war".

The London based pro-democracy activists will launch a solidarity campaign along with the London based Tibet Campaign. And the London based monks will stage a demonstration in front of the Chinese embassy in London from 4 to 7 p.m. local time today.