Germans and Tibetans commemorate Tibetan Uprising Day with installation at Chinese embassy in Berlin
ICT[Tuesday, March 11, 2008 12:37]
Photo: Carolin Maertens / TID / ICT
Photo: Carolin Maertens / TID / ICT
Berlin, March 10 - Tibetans and Germans today have commemorated the Tibetan uprising day and gathered in front of the Chinese embassy in Berlin.

The “Association of Tibetans in Germany” (VTD), the “Tibet Initiative Deutschland” (TID) and the “International Campaign for Tibet” (ICT) displayed an app. 50 m² large installation called “empty robes” in a main square in front of the Chinese embassy in Berlin . The event consisted of monk’s robes lying on the ground whereas the robes served, according to the organizers, as a symbol for the alarming human rights situation in Tibet, in particular for the restriction of religious freedom. “Five months ahead of the Olympics Games the political situation in Tibet has not improved. On the contrary: With the connection of Tibet to the Chinese railway network prospects for Tibetans have worsened and the future of Tibetan culture, religion and tradition looks grim. The massive immigration of Chinese migrants marginalizes Tibetans, in their own country”, said Kai Müller, executive director of ICT-Germany.

Nevertheless the organizers see a great chance for China in the Olympic year. Wolfgang Grader, chairman of the TID, stated: “With the Olympic games in Beijing, China can present itself to the world public. The Chinese government should use this chance to begin a serious dialogue with the Dalai Lama, with the aim to reach substantial improvements for the Tibetans in Tibet. In this process the German government must support the efforts of the Dalai Lama to reach a peaceful solution for the issue of Tibet.”