Olympic Games cannot cover up China's brutal occupation of Tibet
By Email[Friday, July 27, 2007 14:29]
Tibet advocacy groups team up for one-year countdown to 2008 Beijing Olympics at baseball stadiums across North America

FISHERS (Indiana): On August 4, 2007, The International Campaign for Tibet, International Tibet Independence Movement, and Students for a Free Tibet along with 30 Tibet support groups will bring "Team Tibet" to baseball stadiums across North America.

August 8th marks the 1-year countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and Tibet support groups will use this period to focus international scrutiny on China's human rights record in Tibet to help influence policy change in China.

The Associated Press reported on July 10th that China's run-up to the 2008 Olympics is "a marathon through a human-rights minefield."

The action is meant to call attention to the 2008 Olympics and to stand on the side of “Team Tibet,” those who advocate for human rights changes in Tibet.

“It’s time for China to wake up and take seriously the concerns of the international community about Tibet. Sports fans traveling to the Beijing Olympics will expect nothing less than a free and fair playing field - inside and outside the Olympic stadiums. China needs to make the kind of progress on Tibetan issues that will register with an international sports audience before August 2008 when the Olympic Games begin,” said Jacob Colker, Campaigns Manager at the International Campaign for Tibet.

”Ideally, the Olympics symbolize the display of excellence in physical ability and mutual understanding between peoples and nations. The 2008 Beijing Olympics will take place even as China suppresses human rights in Tibet and refuses to accept the political aspirations of the Tibetan People,” stated Professor Larry Gerstein, President of the International Tibet Independence Movement.

“The Olympic Games cannot cover up China's brutal occupation of Tibet, but our efforts to expose the truth will only escalate over the next year as we push for concrete change inside Tibet. During this one year countdown, we are calling upon Tibetans and people of conscience worldwide to join us in taking a stand in support of the Tibetan people,” said Tenzin Dorjee, Deputy Director of Students for a Free Tibet.

"Team Tibet" is a movement of Tibetans and support groups around the world that is working to press for political change in China in the lead-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The International Campaign for Tibet is calling on China to end human rights abuses in Tibet and to resolve the issue of Tibet through negotiations with the Dalai Lama or his representatives.

Chinese government officials promised reforms, including the protection of minority nationality rights, before winning the right to host the games. Recent reports on Tibetans indicate the implementation of new constraints on religious freedom, the forcible relocation of nomads and farmers off their lands, exploitative resource extraction and ecological damage, and new restrictions on travel.

Other organisations taking part in the August 4 baseball action include Capital Area Tibetan Association, Committee of 100 for Tibet, Los Angeles Friends of Tibet, San Diego Friends of Tibet, TIBET Michigan, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress-Seattle, Bay Area Friends of Tibet, Tibetan Association of Northern California, Wisconsin Tibetan Association, Tibetan Association of Minnesota, Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota, Tibetan Association of Southern California, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress-San Francisco, and Tibetan Alliance of Chicago.

Look for “Team Tibet” in the stands of the following stadiums and sections:
New York - Royals @ Yankees, 1:05 pm EST, Seating Section #57
Toronto - Rangers @ Blue Jays, 1:07 pm EST, Seating Section #522
Oakland - Angels @ Athletics, 3:55 pm EST, Seating Section #247
Minneapolis - Indians @ Twins, 3:55 pm EST, Seating Section #215
Chicago - Mets @ Cubs, 3:55 pm EST, Seating Sections #438 & #538
Detroit - White Sox @ Tigers, 7:05 pm EST, Seating Section #345
Milwaukee - Phillies @ Brewers, 7:05 pm EST, Seating Section #437
Washington - Cardinals @ Nationals, 7:05 pm EST, Seating Section #456
Seattle - Red Sox @ Mariners, 10:05 pm EST, Seating Section #308
San Diego - Giants @ Padres, 10:05 pm EST, Seating Section #233
Los Angeles - Diamondbacks @ Dodgers, 10:10 pm EST, Seating Sections #28RS & #32RS

Press contacts:
Jacob Colker
Campaigns Manager, International Campaign for Tibet
(202) 580-6775; jacobc@savetibet.org

Tenzin Dorjee
Deputy Director, Students for a Free Tibet
(646) 724-0748; tendor@studentsforafreetibet.org

Larry Gerstein
President, International Tibet Independence Movement
(317) 506-2249; rangzen@aol.com

Released on 7/25/07