NY Tibetans show overwhelming response to People’s Mass Movement
Phayul[Friday, July 27, 2007 13:55]
A fund raising event recently organised by the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of New York and New Jersey on July 22 in Astoria NY amassed a total sum of more than US$ 47, 000 (Forty Seven thousand).

Tibetans as individuals and representing the different Tibetan community groups came to the event in large numbers with only one purpose, to raise as much money for a massive Tibetan movement due to ignite in coming days.

Tibetans and their supporters around the world are gearing up for a massive campaign movement beginning next month, which they expect to make it a largest mobilised Tibetan mass movement held so far in exile.

The organisers of the fund raising event were simply overwhelmed and inspired to see so many New Yorkers – Tibetan New Yorkers come under one roof and deliver a message, an expression that clearly resonates “no matter where they live, Freedom of Tibet holds dear to their heart”.

“It was a message of undying support to the freedom of Tibet, a message of love and appreciation to the fourteen brave hunger strikers – our heroes,” the organisers of the event have mentioned in their press statement later.

14 Tibetans are currently staging an indefinite hunger strike led by Tibetan Youth Congress in the Indian capital, New Delhi beginning from July 8 demanding justice and accountability from Chinese Government of its atrocities committed against Tibetan people.

The hunger strike is part of the major People’s Mass Movement called by TYC for Tibetan freedom.

On a large message sheet hanging at the site with slogan- The fabric of Solidarity; Tsering wrote “Heroes of Tibet, We are behind you”. Sonam Wangdu’s message said “We are with you, we support you, we pray for you”.

Namgyal Tendol wrote “We will stand together till we get together in Free Tibet”.

Message of freedom and hopes like – “Tibet will be free” and “Bhod Rangzen” filled the message cloth sheet– “the fabric of solidarity”.

The fund raising event started with TYC President Mr Kelsang Phuntsok’s speech on DVD and followed by a slide show of the hunger strikers with messages of hope and determination attached with it.

RTYC president Mr Tsering Palden highlighted the five points raised in the People’s Mass Movement and stressed on the importance of the movement and called upon all the Tibetan communities to support it calling it “an important event in our history”.

Executive member Mr. Sonam Wangdue mentioned how energetic the hunger strikers become when they get messages from supporters around the world who himself sat in a similar hunger strike in Turin, Italy last year.

The various Tibetan community groups, organisations, welfare bodies, Buddhist centers, commercial establishments were invited to the event. Those who came representing their groups were from Chushi Gangdrup, Sunday School Parents Association, Regional Tibetan Women's Association of NY & NJ, Ex-TCV Alumni, Kyirong Kyidug, Gorshey Kyidug, New York Tibetan Community, Namgyal-ex, who gave huge sums of money.

Ex-Orissa has decided to pay all the travel expenses for everybody taking part in the movement from Orissa.

Loud cheers followed as RTYC NY & NJ announced the names of the donors. The regional youth congress body continues to appeal for support for those who could not make it to the event.

“The money you contributed will not go in vain. And we should never give up our freedom struggle” noted the RTYC. “Our cause is just. Truth always prevails” the group asserts.

“Tibetans in New York have shown their capacity to support the struggle; this is indeed a very big step in our freedom struggle” RTYC’s statement reads.

Among those who penned on their messages for the hunger strikes, on the large sheet that hung on a wall, a small kid walks up to the wall and started scribbling "My name is Tenzing Palden I am 6 years old Tibet will be free”.

Minnesota based Tibetan Youth Congress group is also reported to have raised huge fund for the Tibetan freedom campaign.

Based on report by Sonam Wangchuk, from New York<: swangchuk@hotmail.com