Woman in NZ abducted by Chinese: Amnesty
AAP[Thursday, July 19, 2007 12:36]
Amnesty International has attacked the human rights record of China, amid claims the country abducted a New Zealand permanent resident two years ago.

Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin who defected to Australia in 2005 claimed on Wednesday that the Chinese government kidnapped a woman in New Zealand in 2005 because she had valuable economic information.

"I don't know the details of this person's background. I just know this case happened. It is from a reliable source," he said.

Chen told reporters he would speak to New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service so they could investigate the abduction.

The woman was kidnapped and taken back to China aboard a government-owned ship, Chen said.

campaigns manager Gary Reese said New Zealanders should be angry at Chinese activities on their soil.

"I think there will be huge public concern about this and I think it is the tipping point of what has been building, that the general public in New Zealand want to know what has been going on and what the New Zealand government is doing about it," Reese said.

"I was not aware of the individual case ... It doesn't surprise me. We have been investigating the activities of the Chinese Government for many years and documenting those. They use extreme methods.

"Kidnapping has actually been carried out previously ... There are many reports of the Chinese government abducting people from outside of China."

Chen, who once worked at the Chinese consulate in Sydney, caused a sensation when he defected to Australia in 2005 and claimed there were 1000 spies operating in the country.

He also alleged the Chinese government was behind at least one kidnapping each year in Australia.

The Chinese embassy in Wellington did not return calls from AAP.