Tibetan youth up against 'sectarian politics'
Hindustan Times[Thursday, September 08, 2005 02:46]
Dharamsala - With only a week left for preliminary round of elections to the Tibetan Parliament, the youth are vehemently opposing the traditional 'regional politics, which has dominated the Tibetan parliament in exile for more than four decades.

The youth, for the very first time, have fielded their own candidates and have launched a campaign to spread awareness among the community members The youth have been highlighting "youth for better Members of the Parliament' in Dharamsala and other parts of the country.

The youth are vehemently opposing the traditional 'regional' politics, which has dominated the Tibetans parliament in exile for more than four decades.

The Tibetan youth have formed a group of educated youngsters to disseminate awareness among their commoners of exiled community regarding the drawbacks of regional politics.

"Our aim is to dump the regional. Traditional and sectarian politics, which over the years, has proved detrimental for the Tibetans in more than one issues. The decision should be guided by equality of proposal on the floor of thew house" lamented Tenzing, a youth activist.

The youth activist further observed that sectarian politics was resulting in factionalism amongst the Tibetan parliamentarians. The campaign, "Youth for better MPs" asserts that need of the time was to elect young and educated people, who have adequate knowledge about world politics, besides and urge for resolving the vexed Tibetan issue.

"The older generation is divided on the prejudice and thus have formed different groups to achieve their vested regional interests. We want to promote new set of people, who have studied the world scenario, " said another member of the youth body.

Not only the youngsters have launched a rigorous campaign to bring about a change in Tibetan political system, but they have also fielded candidates, including six women for the first time. The youth are of the opinion that the representation youth in parliament had been low and hence the voice of younger generation had been lost in the din.

To add pace to their campaign, the young Tibetans have filmed a documentary, highlighting the necessity for young parliamentarians, which would be shown to the Tibetans settled in different party of India.

Tibetan youth congress has been opposed to 'middle-way' approach of the Dalai lama and members feel that youngsters were not getting desired representation in the parliament to have a say.

Though the Tibetan government in exiled doesn't propagate the political parties, this time around TYC decide to participate in the election by passing a resolution at a meet that concluded at Bangalore on Monday. "We have a greater as TYC represents who of Tibet. We worked certainly education people to bring changes regarding the candidature. Instead of provincial representatives there should be more regional candidates of which represents the whole of community in exile," said TYC President Kelsang Phuntsok, adding that TYC would play a significant role in the elections.

It is pertinent to mention here that the first round of voting was scheduled for September 11 and the voters would choose their preferred amongst the three provinces –Amdo, U-Tsang and Kham.

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