Deb Jhangu to Go Online
TibetNet[Wednesday, August 10, 2005 23:20]
Dharamshala, 10 August 2005 - Have you cleared your Green Book dues? The information soon will be online as the Department of Finance of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is raring to launch a website of the Green Book.

The new face of the Green Book
The new face of the Green Book
The book through which every Tibetan in exile makes an annual contribution to the CTA.

"The website will carry information about all the bearers of the Green Book. It will also provide details of Green Book payments, which can be accessed through an individual PIN code," says Tenzin Lungtok, head of the revenue section of the Finance Department.

"Soon Tibetans can also pay their Green Book payments online," Mr. Lungtok adds.

After a complete makeover, the new face of the book was finally released by the Finance Department in March this year.

The decision to reform the old book was of the seventh session of the incumbent Assembly of the Tibetan People's Deputies.

Since its release, about 100,000 copies of the Green Book have already been distributed in North India, Nepal and North America.

The remaining 50,000 odd copies of the book will be distributed in the Southern & Central India and other countries before this August.

Apart from space for more detail information, the new book features many changes, like renewal every five years, no stamps needed after every payment, separate pages for voter registration, et al.

Centralised Green Book number is yet another important change. Instead of the regional Rangden Tsokchung, the Green Book number is now allocated by the Finance Department.

The Finance Department today maintains a computerised database of information about all the Tibetans based on the Green Book.

The collection of voluntary contribution from Tibetans through the Green Book first began in August 1972.