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Thu 22, Feb 2018 04:18 AM (IST)
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Against the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas, the Tibetan enclave of Dharamsala in northern India is an unlikely venue for international cricket....
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Old Monk  

Location: Shaolin Temple
Subject: No Cricket for Monks
Mar 08 2005 01:26 PM

Hey, if monks play cricket, I wonder what kind of uniform is appropriat to wear, may be red pants and shirts? or otherwise I doubt monks can make any rounds and run very fast in their monk's long skirts. What do you guys think? Also it would be very funny and embarrasing if monks fall down when running with their skirts and shows off their two cricket balls to the audience. Ha..ha..ha...

Location: NY
Subject: Monks go and medidate
Mar 07 2005 10:51 AM

I find the message posted in reflection to the above article by one reader very funny but little unkind. We should not forget that monks are human beings with all the fraities- physical and mental. They are learners not Buddhas. And to become a monk is not an easy proposition. By loving and playing the game of cricket does not break their vows. In Buddha's time, there were no British in India and so there was no cricket there. Even if it were there, the great Teacher would have permitted his monks to play it. One can learn as much from cricket as from reading scriptures and by doing
So dear monks I am in full support of your playing cricket and football just like any one of us. But please abstain from watching B-movies, eyeing and befriending young and innocent school and college girls and luring them with money. When you succum to these unmonkly temptations the best you can do is to seek repentance/apology and return your vows to whom ever you got it from and join us the laities in our daily struggle with human existence. The grass looks greener on the other side of the river even though this may not be true.

Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Live your life the fullest
Mar 06 2005 09:14 PM

Actually there are difference between the words lamas and monks(first thing), Nevertheless what we are trying to proof through this very topic "cricket among the lamas"? Are we trying to proof that cricket doesn't belongs to lamas? Hellow my co-company of the Tibetan society, you might think lamas as someone who belongs to some ancient caves or monestaries which I feel to be wrong. There are many things to write on this very topic....becaues it's obvious that our very happiness belongs to the happiness of others, so better live and let others live. You might think i am a monk I am not!

Location: Swiss
Subject: Hahahaha................
Mar 05 2005 05:10 PM

To the above writer,
Hahahahaha......... Your comment was funny....it made me laugh.
Old Monk  

Location: Shaolin Temple
Subject: Monks, Go Meditate in your Temple
Mar 05 2005 11:30 AM

Lamas/monks should sit in their monastery meditading and praying for the welfare of all sencient beings. When lamas/monks use the monastery and the monks robe simply for the source of their livelihood in the name of Budhism, Lord Buddha will be sad. So you cricket crazy, materialistic monks don't make Buddha sad.
Nandini Kumar  

Location: Lower Dharmshala
Subject: World's Most BOOO-ring Game
Mar 05 2005 10:57 AM

What a waste of time to watch such a boring Cricket game. International Game? well, give it a big name or make it appear important, but who knows and cares much about cricket outside a few third world commonwealth countries. The real International game is like World cup Soccer match, or Basketball, so exciting, fun filled, action packed,well known in all continents. Cricket? who cares to watch a filthy village game being played in a stinky dusty ground. It's smarter to take a walk in the McLoedganj and breath some fresh air than to watching a boring Cricket game.
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