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Wed 17, Oct 2018 12:52 PM (IST)
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As the profound teaching of His Holiness the Dalai Lama commenced on the full moon day in positive vibration so, followed the mission of the "Tibetan Volunteers for animals" headed by Rapsel Tsariwa with his diligent co-workers...
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Location: Wisconsn...USA
Subject: "vegetarianism.......
Mar 12 2008 10:26 PM

So, let us not say something hurtful to each other trying to resolve a problem.To Mr. Rapsel la, in keeping with your good services to the Tibetan sociaty, you need to clear the clouds of doubts about your embezzlement hanging over some young minds, so we can all move on ,and continue to appreciate your good work with public support.Thank U 4 Ur good service.

Location: Wisconsn...USA
Subject: "vegetarianism.......
Mar 12 2008 09:59 PM

To fellow Tibetans;I read every one's opinions.Congratulations that you took an active part on the subject.The circumstances in our lives have pushed us so far behind in so many things.We Tibetans have much to learn yet.Some of the comments do seem very,very immature because you are young and immature.There is nothing wrong with that.(To be continued...
girl power  

Location: California
Subject: to jorden
Oct 11 2005 12:16 AM

this is to jorden. do you have any evidence of what you are speaking? its easy to say any bad thing about anyone but it does leave a bad impact on him/her even if its not true.
people like you always hide at the backstage and criticise others. go back home and take care of your mom, that would be better. a burden on parents you are. did i get you?
animal lover  

Location: india
Subject: i know u guys
Oct 11 2005 12:08 AM

hi all,
there are a group of people who doesn't like Rapsel and his organization(may be they are jealous becoz they failed to do what rapsel is doing).
i want to tell you guys that Rapsel was not a Vegetarian before seeing the horrific scenes in Nepal which changed his life completely. That was the turning point of his life. i know him not through a distance and very well know his intensions. he was also offered to stand in the Tibetan Parliament election but he didnt accept it, surprised? that is true.
to those bunch of people who are writing ill, my words are clear.. stop the propaganda. Truth is never hidden.. and shall prevail.
Long live his holiness the Dalai Lama!
animal lover

Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Stop jealousy comments
Aug 22 2005 03:57 PM

Hey Choden,Tashi and jorden people like you.Don't blame others if you can't do anything. I know people like you,you don't have anything to do alwaz roaming here and there and always critisizing the others in jealous. So stop like these things or I will kick you all people like you.

Location: usa
Subject: appreciation
May 10 2005 09:38 PM

this cause goes very core of our belief. when you tell people you are buddhist they expect you to be vegeterian. very much appreciate organisation effort to convert tibetans to be vegeterian..

Location: dhasa
Subject: Rapsel gosh!!!!!!!
Mar 10 2005 07:40 AM

This guy is not even worth mentionin his name,he is one self centered, politically motivated with unknown desires, beware guys who dont knw him,did u know he had misused all the funds before and no accounts for his funds.If he is a tibetan that doesnt make him right straightway,there r bunch of tibs who spoil the name of all tibetans so guys beware of such people. free tibet

Location: Nepal
Subject: Missing true essence!
Mar 08 2005 10:39 AM

Hi Rohit Panchkaran and the commentor, "A true wise Tibetan", I appreciate and admire your comments on the missing essence of comments. I always find these kind of critics, which comes out of jealousy and grudge in our society. In Europe, in USA or in India and Nepal, there is a always this kind of jealousy and baseless critics. I think all the concerned Tibetans should try to be a part of solution rather then becoming a silly trouble maker.

I personally thank all those who makes thougtful comments.

With grave concern,


Location: usa
Subject: thank you
Mar 08 2005 06:05 AM

I know non of Mr.Rapsel of life saver nor harsh word thrower Mr.Tashi of Shimla. Hey,brother Tashi let me give you an example; suppose Mr.Rapsel had safe a life to one of your love one at the write time in the wrong place, i am sure you wouldn't even think of his personal would you brother? So therefore you got to stop attack and start thinking if he is saving the lives as he speaks by listning somebody like me then you will really gonna be appreciate him because your attack won't save somebody's life but his does. There are huge different. I am just trying to be a veggieterien since I have read the wonderful program. Although I really don't know Mr.Rapsel, but he changed me some how. Long live Mr.Rapsel and hope Mr.Tashi will join with me and encouraging others.
A True wiseTibetan  

Location: World
Subject: Always missing the Essence
Mar 06 2005 05:33 PM

The same bunch of tibetans with no vision for better tibet always make the same mistake through their inborn ignorance.They always miss the real essences of any intelligent messages concerning tibetan culture on websites. They are there to grudge about any small unimportant things, mere through their jealousy and disperation in their life. Why can`t they just stop criticising those who are doing something good for the tibetan society.I agree nobody is prefect when they are born, but they should learn the good part of their life and stop criticising on small trivial issues.Any personal attacks on any individuals on mass media is outdated. It is not a tea-shop chit- chat.It is a public discussion on public issues.It is not about a individual or private issue.
Better learn the modern wisdom on any public discussions or hard talks by not showing your emotions and then attacking the individual personally. Attack the issues in discussion,but not the person.
Be wise and sensible, and go for the essence of any talks.
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