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Thu 23, May 2019 08:26 PM (IST)
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This is a shorten copy of a presentation given at the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa by Mr. Renato Palmi. Durban, South Africa will be hosting in June 2005 a conference on HIV/AIDS....
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Location: kollegal
Subject: its strange
Mar 26 2005 09:47 PM

Hi, there is so many Tibetans suffering from HIV . I have seen many patients suffering from AIDS at our hospital. In kollegal settlement alone we have a case of 20 death from AIDS till now.

Location: US
Subject: FInally
Mar 18 2005 12:41 AM

I was in TCV school half of my life. It's a great school. I am proud to say that i am an ex tcv student. As i am getting older, i learn more things and i've become more itellectual.
As few individuals have mentioned about HIV/AIDS education. I do not hesitate to say that there is no sex education in TCV. Finally, people decided to speak about sex and STDS. I think we should bring awareness about sex and STDs to our community. People here in states get their sex education from high schools or colleges. BUt in India..as far as i know, there's no sex education. I think we should encourage Department of education to teach our youths about sex and STDs before it becomes too late.
We can protect ourselves from STDs. HIV killed more people than any war up until now. We must defend ourselves from our enemies: HIV/AIDS and CHiNA (had to put this one in here as well).
SO protect yourself and practice safe sex. Sex is a great. It is fun. I enjoy sex...and i'm sure you do! Do it the right way! PRACTICE SAFE SEX! best way to protect yourself from most STDs is CONDOM! CONDOM! CONDOM!
Tenzin M  

Location: Germany
Subject: Wrong Statistics
Mar 08 2005 11:46 AM

The statistics drawn about the truck drivers being carriers of the HIV virus is biased and unreal. It is true that many truck drivers are prone to this disease. But likewise you test other groups of people, Doctors, Teachers, Business People, I am sure the results will amaze you. The truck driver thing has been used as an outlet. The Indian government needed to point it's fingures somewhere. Earlier they had gays as their victims, now the truck drivers. The survey methods are not in place yet. Too much money in this shit that they don't know what to do with it.

Location: U.S.
Subject: be safe*
Mar 08 2005 08:06 AM

I volunteer at our County ID (infectious disease ) clinic and i see so many people coming for the regular check up with their Nurse practitioners and Doctors. These patients (HIV, not AIDS yet),look so healthy and are just like the people you see at the Malls,on buses,in yr classes and every random people that you bump into, including your frnds and etc. I've always been in this shell when it comes to talking about sex i.e. when i was schooling in INdia. Basically, i haven't known people who knew they had HIV/AIDs. So, up until now i thought people who're suffering from HIV/Aids would be physically compromised and wouldn't look like normal, regular person. But I was wrong. THey LOOK JUST LIKE MY FRIENDS. THEREFORE, don't think you and I are immune to this disease. TAKE IT seriously and be careful when it comes to enaging in sexual activities with ANYONE. BE SAFE*

Location: Amherst,MA
Subject: Sex Ed for Tib Kids
Mar 07 2005 09:33 PM

I have been thinking about this issue for a year now ever since I took a course at my college cocerning gender issues and the AIDS epidemic. Since I was raised in the states I assumed everyone got some sort of basic sex ed or AIDS education over in India and TCV schools, but the more I asked friends who attended TCV or grew up around there the more people responded by saying it has never been talked about and never has been added to the cirriculum in TCV schools. More than that, I was also told it is a seriously taboo subject to talk about sex, especially around Tibetans and most parents and teachers do not discuss it further than suggesting abstinence, especially with young women. I see this as incredibly problematic and a recipe for disaster for the Tibetan communities in a country such as India, who holds one of the largest AIDS populations on the planet. People need to start implementing sexual education programs (in TCV schools) and raise awareness about AIDS/HIV before it begins to hit our communities.

Feb 25 2005 08:09 AM

I m at present the most popular and deadly virus around the globe. I ve been active since 30 yrs. I ve killed millions of people already and might kill more. Beware. My army is active all over the world. From superpower like USA to poor nation like Nepal. India is also one of the nations where I m flourishing successfully. But I m not sure whether I ve touched the Tibetan communities yet. I might have. SO, BEWARE OF ME ALL TIBS LIVING IN INDIA, TIBET, NEPAL, AND ABROAD. One thing for sure, I attack those who dare to meet me through unprotected sex, blood transfusion, intravenous injection etc. SO, BE CAREFUL GUYS.

Location: USA
Subject: Help Eachother
Feb 23 2005 10:37 PM

This article is long overdue. I have tried in the past to get materials from the MenTseKhang in Tibetan language about HIV/AIDS to give to our community here, but I never got response. A doctor told me once that he has many Tibetan patients with HIV?AIDS. Big surprise? Think about it, many young and middle aged Tib. men come from the monasteries, and how much sex education do you think they get there? Then, upon realization that they are not destined to the monastic life forever, seek out sex without even being aware of the existance of STD's, or HIV/AIDS. Then, secret visits to prostitutes or whatever never spoken, several years later they go in to some Dr. for something or another and find out they have HIV, or HEP, or some other sexually transmitted disease.
What can we all do?
1.) educate yourself about these things. 2.) educate others in your community, and 3.) be prepared to offer compassionate, educated and non-judgmental support when the dreaded day comes that "one (or more) in your Tibetan community has HIV." No, it is no longer a death sentence if the person can get the medicine, but how big of an IF is that? Especially to the Tibetans in India, Nepal, or Tibet.
Educate your children, and all you Tibetan doctors out there, start translating the real facts now!

Location: Madison
Subject: AIDS and the truck drivers
Feb 23 2005 10:18 PM

I am encouraged to see lots of postings by all concerned fellow Tibetans.We know best about out society and from my perspective,it is a small society which is so mobile, even more than the American society.
The Indian truck drivers are the main source of distribution of this deadly disease.They travel day in and day out all over the country sleeping each night with different hookers.Then travelling to a different location the next night.Our society being so mobile,especially the sweater sellers during the winter season do get into contact with a lots of hookers and thus carrying the disease to their respective locality and transferring onto their next partner unknowingly.Remember, this virus stays dormant for as long as 10-12 years.This being said,the main responsibility of educating the mass is on the shoulder of the dept.of health.The effective way is to spread awareness through welfare offices around India and Nepal.Keeping it swept under the rug is only make it worse.It is a devastation waiting to explode.Thanks to all who contributed to this forum.

Location: boston
Subject: HIV/AIDS in Tibs
Feb 23 2005 07:24 PM

Its great to see a passionate grp concerned about HIV infection. It certainly is a danger lurking in the corner that can bite you with your first misadventure. Condom use is of outmost importance, and I agree that the Tib community is a pretty promiscous society. I know that there is a lot of resistance against condom use akin to the problem with black population in US. I know for sure that Tib hospital/clinics in some areas had tried to celebrate world AIDS day with poster presentations, condom and pamphlet distributions. But this effort has to be sustained and widespread. Sex education in school is a must but we should tailor the material rather than tranlating what we find in the west. Free condoms for sweater sellers will go a long way, advising abstinence is like advising Tibs to become vegans. Finally, checking HIV in every person is dangerous proposition because no test is perfect.

Location: USA
Subject: Attack the Source
Feb 23 2005 10:41 AM

Hey folks:

Lets me honest in here. We must attack the source of the proble. As for me, I remember my friends frequenting GB road in Delhi every twice a week. Now thats the thing we need to be wary about. We must educate, and the Hostel administration should take the matter in hand in educating those guys in the Youth Hostel about sex education and contraception usage, and if possible ask them to shun G.B Road, which is hard from my own experience. But I did it right. Took a test. Got a negative result. Which means I am fine. And healthy. So far, I am so careful in my sex life. Health to me is more important than that sex.

Also heard, Bombay sweater sellers, and young boys frequenting the prostitutes in the Slum area. Tibetan Community right from the exile health Department should take a preventive education to those folks down there. We need to teach those young sweater sellers to shun those cheap sex outlets. Seriously.
I am concerned about those folks.

If not, the disease will spread insiduosly to those innocent, homely gurls in our community. So, take my advice. Get Checked if you find yourself at risk. Checking is simple. Takes few days. Little nervous. Once over. You will do fine.

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