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Wed 25, Apr 2018 08:00 AM (IST)
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Many of my non-Tibetan friends get quite disappointed when I say that I don't do prayers, prostrations and other rituals. They wanted me, not only me, all Tibetans to be staunchly Buddhists; wearing a rosary around our neck...
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Location: California
Subject: Did not hit bull's eye
Feb 05 2005 02:36 AM

Any Tibetan who is contributing an article on Tibet/Tibetans always brings a fragment of Dalai Lama's statement in his or her article to get support from other people.
If you really want to change our community bring your own suggestion and idea without being sycophant of somebody.

Location: NY
Subject: Feedback
Feb 04 2005 10:52 PM

Enjoyed going thru Tsondue's article. I empathize and appreciate his thoughts on the religious practice and politics of Tibetans in exile. On the subject of being Buddhist, I consider actual study and assimilation of Buddhist philosophy is the key factor rather than just mere physical and verbal rituals, coz the core objective of Buddhism is transformation of one's defiled mind which ultimately leads to the Liberation(Buddhahood). One small correction in your article where u quoted 'Tseme-Chiwa' as non-harming non-violence' which I think should be 'Tseme as Non-Violence and Chiwa as Peace.' My other critic is on the subject of 'Choe-Tsi-Sungdrel' where u did relate it to the combination of Buddhahood and Politics which I think is incorrect in practical sense. Here, literally Choe means religion, Tsi pertains to politics, and Sungdrel refers to concerted effort or complimentary or combination of the two. However, my clarification is that here in this case, CHoe or religion doesnt necessarily pertain to attaining Buddhahood, but practically refering to ethics or moral conduct based on the guiding principles of Buddhism(which is the essence in our day to day worldly life). And you know Politics becomes dirty and mushrooms corruption in absence of these guiding principles or Ethics. So, my understanding of the tibetan term 'Choe-tsi Sungdrel' is clean Politics based on or guided by ethics or Buddhist Principles. I am glad to share this view with others and extend my thanks to Tsondue for bringing up this topic. I apologise for any error here. I consider this as a medium for our intellectual enhancement and an opportunity for constructive interactions for good. See u later. Bye

Location: nyc
Subject: A wake up call to all of us
Feb 04 2005 10:24 PM

WOW this is exactly what we feel and sure must be a big question to all Tibetans.A calling to all to study and take charge of this fact of the matter of the moment in the best interest of all beings ,although its very hard to accept without understanding the core of our culture.Thanks to the writer.

Location: nyc
Subject: great article~
Feb 04 2005 10:05 PM

i like every subject in this article n enjoyed reading n find some ans n questions for myself.. thanks tsundue la,

Location: Toronto
Subject: PERFECT
Feb 04 2005 09:23 PM

Hey Tenzy - la

You are indeed a pillar on which people like me can see rays of hope. Thank You for writing such a great and bold article. I will always support you on your endeavors to keep Tibet alive. IN your darkest of moments and when you think that its all not worth it...please remember that there are people like me who are inspired by you and will always support you. Bodies wilt and die away but deeds and legacies are immortal..and by what you have done and taken bold steps to do, you have given Tibet life...in a profound way.


Location: usa
Subject: Expecting!
Feb 04 2005 03:59 PM

I have been looking for a copy of Note On Tibet. I have overjoyed on knowing that Tsundue La and other dedicated people are translating it into Tibetan and English.
I just cannot wait to relish it! The power of the book revealed by two persons as,
One guy from East Turkistan, present so called XinJiang, comments "I read your book and finished, tears welling my eyes, I want to shout, but I am afraid. What I can do is only cry in private".
A tibetan guy comments, "Woeser la, it is lonely and deep night, I finished your book. I am crying myself....."

Above sentences are maybe not be exactly the precise translation, however meaning is same. I read those comments on www.tibetcul.com

Love Tibet Love Freedom
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