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Many of my non-Tibetan friends get quite disappointed when I say that I don't do prayers, prostrations and other rituals. They wanted me, not only me, all Tibetans to be staunchly Buddhists; wearing a rosary around our neck...
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Location: india
Subject: exile tibetan writers
Feb 24 2005 05:52 PM

let's count our exile writers

1.Tenzin Tsundue(the writer,not the activist)

2. Topden Tsering(lost in the US)

3. Jamyang Norbu(father and retired)

4. Buchung K Tsering(diplomat, part time writer)

5. Buchung D Sonam(Dharamsala poet,don't confuse with K Tsering)

6. Lhasang Tsering(count his book only)

7. Tenzin Sonam (cinema, cinema)

8. K. Dhondup (go back to history)

9. Tsering Wangyal(omani pedme hum, one of the best)

10. Gyalpo Tsering (bookworm)

11. Dawa Norbu (father of all)

12. Pema Thinley (Review zindabad)

13. Tsering Wangmo Dhompa(bumed kutsap, the only woman writer)

14. Tsering Shakya(pride of exile Tibet)

15. still waiting for more....
sorry if i missed any appropriate

Location: chicago
Subject: Religion and struggle
Feb 19 2005 08:24 PM

Tenzing la's article is very thoughful, but he is wise enough to pull his punches. Every culture has rituals and customs that it observes, but we seem to pay oo much emphasis them. Some years ago, I went to a meeting of the acting heads of each cluster site in New York. The meeting was preceeded by " long Sho" and "se she phed de" and prayers etc. That alone took atleast an hour. But, after a few days, of meeting there was little to show in the way of number of resolutions passed. But this is symtomatic of what we do. As for the compassionate part of our culture, we tibetans make a beeline for non-vegetarion table when there is another table set for vegetation food. This is a common sight when we gather to celebrate loasr in the US. By simply looking at the color of the heads, one can make out the location of where the vegetarion and non-vegetarion tables are set up. Our compassionate lamas has a role here to lead by example.
aku tenpa  

Location: belkops
Subject: kill Wen Jia Bao
Feb 12 2005 12:43 PM

Yes, this is the time! now we must protest and this time we must do it differently, not like the usual way 100-200 students getting beaten up by police and not a singlke mention in media. No media is interetsed in these dissipated protest rallies. However dramatic you make it into.

We must kill the China man leader, only then the world will take a note and see hwo to solve the tibetan issue, including India.

aku tenpa  

Location: belkops
Subject: western scholar pretends
Feb 12 2005 12:38 PM

Hey silly SILa,

REad the artilce properly, Tsundue la was critical about the tibetan ritualistic practice of the Buddhist culture, which it is. you must know the tibetan people from within to understand the gravity of writer's concerns. Western "scholars" have big words, but are no where near the true buddhist practioners. These westerners make money, gain big names like "scholars" by puttign words beautifully.

Aku tenpa

Location: Europe
Subject: Hollow Article
Feb 12 2005 03:10 AM

Once a time I was also thinking Tibetan Buddism is like what T.Tsundu describe here as doing a prayers, prostration and other ritual.Then this part is comparable with any other religion.When you go deeper then Our Buddhism is more then that or more then other religion. It talks about the nature of mind and Emptines which is very rich wisdom compare with other religions so it attracts modern intellectual of Psychologist, Neurologist, Scientist and etc. Most interesting there is no Dogma in our religion and every thing has a causes and effect[karma] so its very simple for example:-Tibetan Issue; Politically we are unsuccessful and we made it like that way. But we are very successful as a refugee and preserving our culture because we did hard work on it. This way Tibetan Buddhism is unique and rich which is very relevent to modern world.This same page just now I read article about Robert Thurmans new book and like him, today there many many western intellectual who spend lots of time and energy to get this rich wisdom and lives with it.
If we research or study on our religion then we don't need put such a energy like western people.Otherwise I am afraid that we will also lost our rich philosophy to western people like today we lost our nation completly to Communist China.

Location: NY
Subject: cause for celebration
Feb 09 2005 03:03 PM

And yet, the biggest cause for celebration is Tenzin Tsundue himself being among us, one man who never gives up on the struggle, one mn who continues to inspire all of us by his untiring bouts of actions and his poetry like writings.

On lOsar, i wnt to thank this man, who has given me personally so much to live for.

This man i hear from Dhramsala wears only one type of clothes, reaches all corners of India like uor good old hero Phantom. Thankyou Tsundue la our Tibetan Hero in Black.



Location: NYC
Subject: A differnce between being a lama and being culturally Tibetan
Feb 09 2005 08:30 AM

There is a difference between Tibetan folk culture and Tibetan Buddhism. These two are depply and intamently connected, but still Tibetan culture has more to do with TIbetan people's lives and hardships, and the folk wisdom of living on a farm, or herdinganmals, or living in NYC and trying to make it in Delhi. Most people never see this part of our heritage, becuase they focus on our Buddhism. Or focus on being the next in line to imitate our rituals. Some things about our folk culture make us very interesting, but would never be seen as being necessarily buddhist. Good article. Woeser's poem will be nice to see.

Location: Oakland
Subject: Re:
Feb 06 2005 02:58 AM

Like the precious boddhicitta, may your fountain of fearless thinking and action flow, changing and inspiring all.

Much respect*

Location: USA
Subject: Great!
Feb 05 2005 06:42 AM

I'm really excited to read Woeser la's translated book! I've heard such great things about it.

Also thank you Tenzin Tsundue la for your love and dedication to our country. You're wonderfully inspirational.

Location: Madison
Subject: Beware
Feb 05 2005 04:38 AM

I agree with Tsundue's concerns. His article comes through as expressions of frustration and disappointment. But we Tibetans must be aware of the fact that essence of Buddhist way of life and principles cannot be relied on the actions of individuals. The Buddha himself said "do not rely on the persons but rely on the dharma. Do not rely on the words of the dharma but the true meaning of dharma. Let us not selfish actions of the few in the name of dharma discourage you from understanding the ture purpose of the dharma. After all we practice dharma of our own free will for individual salvation from the miseries of samsara.
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