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Thu 21, Nov 2019 01:10 AM (IST)
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The most recent official statistics, published in the Tibet Statistical Yearbook (TSY) of 2004, reveal dramatic changes in the ethnic structure within the public sector of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)....
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Location: Erevan
Subject: Clear indications for more liberations
Jan 22 2005 10:56 PM

Chinese authorities had been sucking Tibet and tibetan people right from the beginning in the name of liberation. I don't know for what do they call this fact, may be liberation from jobs and livelihood.
Right from the beginning, we had been telling them that we don't need such liberation. Now also, we don't.
To the people of the world, what do you think? Still in doubt? May be only religious freedom only? Or may be only human rights ? Or even China's internal issue ?
Thank you to those who are helping Tibet and tibetans. Thank you from my heart, a true tibetan heart.
Aga Norbu  

Location: Nepal
Subject: The desire of wolf!
Jan 22 2005 05:21 PM

This vicious and cunning policy of PRC is as such since they occupied our country. However, it'll not work like that, even if they try their best possible. Whole world is watching and they have to change their policy and come to the negotiating table before it is too late.


Aga Norbu

Location: NY
Subject: Tibetans in Tibet are becoming poorer
Jan 21 2005 08:55 PM

Not just in the public sectors but after the Gongkar airport and then the railway line many Tibetans are becoming poor!! Chinese govt. made these people to give up ther agricultural land for some money and after spending all the money they got as a lumsum nor these Tibetans are having severe problems as they do not know any other skill then the agriculture!!! So its very saddening and we need some international development agencies to probe through. Of course Arthur Holcombe and Kevin are there but still we need more before all the Tibetans in Tibet perish to streets.
Dondhup Kunga  

Location: in middle of nowhere
Subject: Tibet will not only the looser but rest of world too
Jan 21 2005 04:09 PM

Chinese policies in Tibet.

China has programmed the extinction of Tibet as a nation, they wants see us as insignifiant minority groups within the big imperial state since the 1950.

The evidence is from 1960 to until 1979 under coverture of so called "Cultural revolution", they distoried almost all historical monuments, religieux edifices, and set out on fire the invaluable tibetan milinaire rich buddhist, civil litterature stocks.

To wipe out the Tibet from the world map with its cultural identities, and people is chinese ultimat cononial ambition. look at the new constructed buildings with all chinese characters.

Chinese authorities through their educational programme discourage tibetans from learning the tibetan because every major lessons are taught in the chinese language in the Universities in every important sujects like wise science, modern technologies, mathmatic, law, commercea nd so on.

For our brothers and sisters back in Tibet don't have any more job prospects. Automatically sinization of tibetan imposed by the China works not so bad from external point of view but those tibetans remind the tibetan.

Until now even those tibetans who are working in the public sector TAR if they are few, they are considered as second hand working class, they never possesse any decision making powers just doing what the foreign unwanted master forced them to execute in the work.

Economical marginalisation of tibetan in Tibet by chinese occupier is a grave violation of human rights.

Ecological destruction is out of controle because chinese extract our natural ressource without any respect to the fragil eco- system of Tibet.

Masse immigration will be accelated when railway connect to the central tibet.

World community do nothing to save Tibet except run for individual financial interest in the name of their respective state. Justice should be done regarding Tibet's political future if not it will be huge disater for the international security one day because Tibet lies between most papulas Countries India and China. a zone of non-violent will need for the global well being.

China encourage all tryanic states in the terrorisme by sell them sophisticated weapons to Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea. China helps all the countries who fight to the western democratic nations.

China will be first menace to world security if it remind as today without any political reforme.
black knight  

Location: still in this world
Subject: just watch at the facts
Jan 21 2005 03:35 PM

when will some people simply just watch at the facts : the goal is simply to make Tibet no more "autonomous"- but a "normal" CHINESE province. Who can believe Beijing has any idea to negociate ? and what ? what they expect from any "Task Force" is surrender, plain.
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